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December 5, 2014

Velious grinding to 100

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Beo Jr made it to about level 67 with me.  It was fun but I doubt he will be playing anymore.  It gets boring without friends to group with.  I told him all the groups are at the level 100 and that’s a long grind away.  But I’m going to power on and try to get there without losing all hope.  My strategy is to grind out quests while listening to sports and comedy pod-casts.  Beovaldr the Dwarf Ranger is now Level 86 and a half and is grinding away in a deserted Velious.  Nindakin took pity on me grinding quests in god awful Kunark and took me on a Seb-run from levels 76 to 85.  Praise Odin.  I know these next 14 levels are going to be rough.  Wish me luck!

November 1, 2014

Dancing Skeletons

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I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.  Beo and Beo Jr’s characters reached level 50 today in Permafrost.  Beo Jr was pleased to find out he can now illusion himself into a skeleton.  I also have been working on my old guildhall in New Halas – The Viking Fellowship.  Maybe my old friends Nin or Red will re-join but I doubt it.  So right now it is a 2 man guild which is fine.

October 26, 2014

Crushbone Completed

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Finished Crushbone today.  Level 32 ready for the next dungeon!

Ongoing adventures of Beo & Son

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Beovaldr hit level 30 and Zerack level 28 while adventuring in good ole Crushbone Keep tonight.  Dead orcs everywhere!  I plan on getting Beo Jr a Gold Subscription plan so we can earn xp at the same pace.  Currently I turned my XP to alternate advancement point only until Zerack catches up to me at level 30.

October 24, 2014

Back to Everquest 2! AGAIN!!!

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Well I tried quite a few MMOs to satisfy my itch.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Wildstar,  Archeage, Champions Online…  None of them worked.  So I’m back baby!  This time I’m dragging my son into playing with me and starting from level 1 with a class I’ve never played before.  Beovaldr the Dwarf Ranger.  Beo Jr is playing his favorite Everquest race and class an Iksar Necromancer named Zerack.  When he first played Everquest 1 as a young lad he chose this combo and messed around in the Field of Bone.  So I think it’s cool he is keeping up his tradition.  Currently we are level 26 and we just beat The Fallen Gate and this screenshot is us victorious at the bottom of the dungeon in The Vault of The Fallen.  Huzzah!!

August 9, 2014

Tropical Storm Diablo

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Here on Kauai we had a near miss from a hurricane with another on the way monday.   It looks like we are getting lucky but 2 near misses and it’s just the start of the hurricane season.  Been playing more Diablo III with Beo Jr and friend.  Our group is me at Tank as a Monk, Beo Jr as the shim Demon Hunter and his friend the Wizard.  I asked the wizard why the pink clothes and he told me “he had to”.


August 3, 2014

Enjoying Summer

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Long time no post.  MMO Viking has been busy this summer with my kids visiting me.  I tried a little Wildstar it was cool but not quite my style.  Just got back from the movies with the kids.  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was fantastic.  Very funny and cool.  Currently I’ve been playing Diablo III with Beo Jr.  We leveled up a couple new characters together from level 1 to 70 and are currently playing the End Game / Adventure mode and earning Paragon levels.  I played a wizard this time around and Beo Jr a Barbarian.  Man wizards are super powerful!  But they look so EMO.  I wish they looked more Gandalf-ey.  Here’s a screenshot of our dudes.

April 30, 2014

Trailblazing through Hell

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MMO Viking is currently on Act 3 Hard Mode.  I think Act 4 is my favorite because it takes place in a corrupted Heaven which is a unique setting.  My crusader is Level 62 now.  I’m using the Templar follower because he is the only one of the followers that heals.  Other games I’m playing is Marvel Superheroes Puzzle Quest on my ipad and iphone.  I love it.  And I’m playing my favorite video game sport franchise NBA2k14 on my Xbox One.


April 28, 2014

Killing Demons and taking names

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Sir Beo the Crusader is up to level 58 now.  I’m looking forward to getting him to the level 70 cap to start working on paragon levels to see how that is.  I figure when my son visits me this summer I’ll buy him a copy and we will play.  So the more paragon levels I have will go towards whatever character class I pick to play with him.  I’m keeping all the Legendary drops I get even after I out level them in my war chest for alternates and followers.

April 26, 2014

Crusader Power!

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My Crusader hit level 54 tonight.  I started Act 1 on Hard difficulty and I actually have to watch my health now.  One of the great new things added was the ability of the Enchanter to change the look of your gear for a price to any look you have already discovered.  Very cool.

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