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April 14, 2014

Long live the King

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MMO Viking is sorry that it has been quite awhile since my last post.  I’ve still been casually playing Guild Wars 2 and my Engineer is now at the level cap of 80.  I have 63% of the world map completed.  I’m still plugging along on my characters Main Storyline Quest usually with help from my bud Jason.  Jason’s Cat-cow warrior guy is also Level 80 now.  I forget the actual name of the race.  In other news the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43 to 8 in Superbowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014.  Suck it Red!  Tonight on Game of Thrones King Joffrey died.  I’m going to miss that little evil fucker.


November 13, 2013

Big Sylvari sword

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I’m still going strong on Guild Wars 2 with my Sylvari Engineer.  I love throwing down turrets and then using his flamethrower on groups of enemies.  I had to post this picture of a magical Sylvari Two-handed sword that was part of my personal questline.  It has butterflies flying around it as an effect.  Pretty awesome looking.  My friend Shiitake the Thief switched to Shrumo the Warrior because he liked the attacks better.  The warrior has a lot of cool looking spinning attacks that are awesome.  So Vaarulf and Shrumo hit level 40 yesterday.  Level 80 here we come!

October 16, 2013

Sylvari raiding party

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Yesterday MMO Viking and a couple of friends played Guild Wars 2 for 7 hours.  It was awesome.  We all made Sylvari.  I created Vaarulf the Engineer, joining him was Schiitake the Thief and Indicarnate the Elementalist.  We completed a ton of tasks, points of interests, vistas, and skill points.  We also completed a bunch of our Storyline adventures.  The best part was the fact we all started together and could do all this as a group completing everything for our characters for the first time.  I know I could have played my level 46 warrior with them and it would have brought him down to the level of the map area but it would not have been the same because he would have had much of those tasks and areas already completed.  Here’s a screenshot of the crew.  From left to right, Indicarnate, Vaarulf, Schiitake.

October 15, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari

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So I convinced a friend to buy guild wars 2 and play with me.  He wants to try out the Sylvari aka Treefolk in the game.  I’m down to try something new.  We plan on playing tomorrow due to the download taking all night tonight most likely.  So I went ahead and made a couple Sylvari.  They live in a enormous tree born like seedlings.  They have bark like skin and leafs for hair.  One very cool thing is they glow in the dark.  Lots of customization options with crazy skin color, glow color, eye color, hair / leaf color.  First I made a greenish ranger (beastlord) but decided it was too status quo and deleted him.  Then I created a purple Elementalist which looks fantastic.  After that a Blue Engineer with Red glow parts which also looks great.  I think I am going to go with the Engineer because I love his steam punk googles and shooting dual pistols is fun.  You can see the red glow in his hair and ears in this screenshot.



October 4, 2013

Chocobo Mount !

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Black Dolph did buy himself a chocobo the other day.  The greatest part is when  you mount up it plays the old chocobo music I remember from Final Fantasy 7.  MMO Viking is really looking forward to Everquest Next though.  FFXIV is entertaining at the moment but I know I’m not staying.  I plan on trying out Elder Scrolls Online but I’m crossing my fingers that I enjoy EQN more.  EQN has the pedigree and the track record of long term support.  It has the lore that I prefer over ESO.  I played Everquest for eight years, I played Everquest 2 for five years.  I am really hoping to get the same type of long term playability out of EQN.

September 26, 2013

Black Dolph

I’m really enjoying FFXIV.  The leveling has slowed considerably at 25-28 but that’s fine.  It reminds me a little of the old Everquest 1 “Hell Levels”.  One complaint is the map is like a single player Final Fantasy game with walls.  I prefer Guild Wars 2 style or even Skyrim.  I like games that you can see large castles in the distance and actually walk to them and scale them.  The in game camera will not let you look directly up in first person mode either.  These small things take me out of this world and remind me it’s a video game.  I’m playing the game with a couple friends.  One is playing a archer and the other a conjurer but soon to be scholar (healer).  I love running dungeons with them as the dungeons are all 4 person and it just auto throws a random queued up person in as our fourth party member.  Black Dolph is currently a level 28 Marauder.  My plan is to get his Marauder class to 30 then switch to Gladiator class until level 15 and then become the Warrior job.

September 18, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV !

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I’m sorry for the long delay.  I kind of took the summer off.  Guild Wars 2 was fun but I couldn’t get any friends to play it with me which is weird because it’s subscription free haha.  EQ2 is over for me.  It was a great run but now I’m eagerly awaiting Everquest Next.  In the meantime MMO Viking has started playing FInal Fantasy XIV.  FFXIV is a crazy pretty game.  It’s gorgeous!  I’m loving the graphics, the music, the Japanese feel and look, the classic Final Fantasy stuff.  Parts of the game remind me off my favorite Final Fantasy games FF6, FF7, and FF8.  It has some of the same music from the games, like the victory music and the resting in an Inn music.  It has a lot of the classic Final Fantasy creatures like the floating fire bombs and chocobos.  More good news is that I have a couple friends playing it with me so I shouldn’t get bored as fast as I did in GW2.  I begged Nindakin to join me but he declined.  He says he doesn’t have enough time in the day to play EQ2, his JRPGS and FFXIV.  I say bah!  If anyone wants to join me my character’s name is Black Dolph he is a Highlander Guardian and I play on the Gilgamesh server.  Go Seahawks!

April 12, 2013

Still at it

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I am still enjoying this huge world in Guild Wars 2.  I have 33% of the world map completed.  Look and you can see Olfr’s armor steadly getting better looking as I adventure around and level him up.  I’ve gone with silver armor with gold trim since the beginning to try to keep it realistic looking.  It kind of looks like the armor for the King’s Guard from Game of Thrones.  Hail Joffrey!

April 2, 2013

Underwater adventures

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I have to say the underwater areas in Guild Wars 2 are pretty awesome.  So what if my chainmail clad viking would sink like a rock to the bottom if this was realistic at all.  The graphics look great underwater with alternating sun rays and bubbles and sharks and frogmen swimming around.  I realized one thing that I am really enjoying over Everquest 2.  It’s being able to move mobs around during combat.  Not just training them backwards either.  In GW2 I can kick mobs back, I can rifle butt them back, I can do a fearsome warrior shout that sends them running, or my favorite I can do a huge stomp that sends them all flying.  Basically the combat is a blast.  Olfr is level 36 now and I’ve been playing with a couple co-workers.  One is a Norn Ranger aka Beastlord which I approve.  The other is a human Necromancer.  Olfr Smash !!

March 25, 2013

Story questing

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Olfr has recovered his ancestral horn from his personal story mission.  I was then given the choice of handing it over to the bear people that made it because they suspected it was corrupted or take it back home.  I decided to  keep it.  Things happen, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything here.  I’ve uncovered 13% of the world map.  I’ve unlocked some new skills, like a spinning charge attack and a shout that makes enemies run for a short time.  I haven’t been burning through the game as fast as I thought I would.  There really is a ton of content suprisingly.  There is still time to join in on the fun.  Join me in Guild Was 2 on the Blackgate server!

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