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March 30, 2010

Steamfont Mountain hunting

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Beoromir and Nindakin spent most the night hunting named mobs in Steamfont Mountains.  Well we did a lot of quests and would hit up named as we went.  Both of us are just a couple of pieces away from a very nice set of leather armor from the named there.  Towards the end we were competing for the named spawn with some anonymous high level person.  But that’s okay it just adds flavor to the MMO experience.  We both decided we really missed the named hunting in Everquest.  It just wasn’t the same in LOTRO.  In lotro they would drop 1 shard that could be used for tradeskilling items.  In Everquest they usually have a loot table which adds more variety and fun.  We stepped inside Klak’Anon to kill 1 named we had a quest for.  I love the graphics on the door to Klak’ANon, the gears move and with the shadows and the detail it looked pretty awesome.  We started a chat channel so if you jump on Butcherblock server /join vikingfellowship and say hi.

March 28, 2010

The Paladin

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Redranth is back in Everquest.  The original Paladin is back in Norrath but this time instead of being a boring human he is a Faerie.  Fae in EQ2 can glide and have featherfall which is fun.  My first go round in EQ2 on Beowolv the Berserker I had a Cloak of Flowing Water that had featherfall and I loved it.  I would jump off the tallest mountain and float down, good times!  Specially when I did it leaving Nindakin back at the top of the mountain having to walk slowly back down through angry mobs.  Redranth is still on his trial account so he might change his mind on race if Nin teases him about being a fairy too much.  I would recommend a Kerran Paladin if he does because I think the cat race Kerrans look cool in EQ2.  In other news MMO Viking checked out the EQ2 Guild Halls which are giganormous.  They are more like Guild Castles.  Unlike guild halls in LOTRO the guild halls in Everquest 2 can contain wizard spires, druid rings, ships, teleporters, trainers, merchants and all kinds of stuff that are actually more than decoration.  The single biggest difference between EQ2 housing and LOTRO’s is you can place items anywhere.  In LOTRO you are limited to pre-set spots.  So in EQ2 you will see custom-built aquariums built from wood walls and furniture, glass, waterfalls etc… The customization is almost limitless.  The one part I liked about the guild halls in Lord of the Rings Online better was the neighborhoods.  In EQ2 the guild hall is a castle located on an island that you can see either off the shore from Antonica (good) or off the shore from Commonlands (evil).  So basically it seems the lore in EQ2 is saying there is 1 evil guild and 1 good guild.

March 25, 2010

The Bruiser

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Beo and Nin were joined in Norrath by our old friend from our EQ1 days.  Vaselin the Bruiser.  In EQ1 Vaselin was an Iksar Monk and EQ2 now Vaselin is an Iksar Bruiser (evil monk).  Iksar is one of my favorite races in Everquest.  They look very cool and make classic EQ Necromancers and Monks.  My son is playing an Iksar Necro and loves it.  I need to get him a separate computer so we can play together.  Nindakin and Beoromir finished our quested level 20 armor set and at the end of the night were joined by Vaselin in Firemyst Gully for a Level 20 weapon quest that was a lot of fun.  I havent started Beo’s tradeskills yet but I’m leaning towards making furniture for his bachelor pad.

March 24, 2010

Norrath pulls me back in

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I am taking a break from Lord of the Rings Online due to boredom and after much discussion with Nin we decided to give Everquest 2 another go at it.  Since last we played a couple years ago there has been new expansions and the Level has increased to 90 with lots of alternate advancement stuff.  I will still be playing LOTRO periodically due to having a lifetime membership account there.  There are many cool things about EQ2 that made us decide on it.  Firstly we have history in Norrath, lots of good memories and bad we laugh at.  Eightish years playing EQ1 and oneish playing EQ2.  Tons of quests and stuff to do.  Collection quests with shinies, Heritage quests with cool rewards at the end that you can hang in your house.  The characters seem living and breathing and blinking.  They even turn their heads to look at things and other characters.  Actually being able to swim underwater finding underwater wrecked ships and caves that lead to dungeons.  Jumping off huge mountains and featherfalling to the bottom is always fun for me.  Tons of different races and classes.  I love variety.  First go around Beo and Nin were a Berserker and a Wizard.  This time Beo is a Brigand and Nin is a Inquistor (evil cleric).  Red has said he is going to join us as the Tank of course which is awesome.  If anyone wants to join in on the Everquest fun you can join MMO Viking on the Butcherblock server.

March 7, 2010

Beo’s take on Final Fantasy XIII

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Beowyf has been doing many skirmishes lately and rewarded himself with the new Rift hauberk and cloak.  Beowyf also got Thorin’s bust for his house.  Thorin’s bust is expensive at 10 campaign marks and 1000+ marks but he had to have it.  Nin and Beo duo’ed the rift skirmish a few times tonight and it is fun with timing fellowship manoeuvres several times and an additional mob at the end with the boss.  Added some spice to the boring fast solo experience of it.  I’ve been reading early reviews of the new Final Fantasy coming out tuesday and it sounds too boring to try.  Apparently they went away from the open world rpg type and for the most part the story is on rails, linear all the way except for a few areas towards the end.  No thanks.   Even though I know it will look fantastic I can’t do games on rails anymore, MMO Viking demands sandbox-style, open world gameplay!  Usually I’m all for style over substance but in this case I am afraid I am going to have to pass.  I’ll try again in 3-4 years when the make the next one and heed the avalanche of complaints I see coming their way.

March 5, 2010

Greetings from the Rift

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Beowyf completed the latest book and had fun in the new Rift skirmish.  The skirmish is pretty quick solo.  I want to check it out in 2-man, 3-man and 6-man modes.  Redranth, Nindrojrir, Afastr and Beowyf did another DG run the other day with again no luck on the 2nd age item dropping.  One of these days it will happen by Odin’s ravens!  The Rift skirmish also has its own reward tokens that can be turned in for some cool items including a helm that Beo has his eye on.  4 tokens to go!  I want to send a shout out to Cappy who is missing in action.  Cappy come back and play with your bros you know you want to!  Mahalo!

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