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April 13, 2010

Good old Kunark

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Last night Beo, Nin and Vase started questing in the Kylong Plains.  This is the second time I’ve quested here.  First time was with Beowolv the Berserker and Nindakin the Warlock.  Our second go around in Norrath 2 has been much easier mostly due to Nindakin going with a healing class.  Healing is pretty much a must in Everquest 2.  The three of us have all hit Level 65 and seem to be leveling very fast.  The tradeskill side otherwise Beoromir has just hit Level 41 Carpenter.  The tradeskilling can get boring but I love the part about making furniture and other items for Beo’s pad.  He now has a bar and an Altar to his god that he can pray to for abilities and buffs.  I’m working on getting him an aquarium full of sharks.  In EQ2 Karnors Castle is located in the Kylong Plains, in EQ1 it was located in the Dreadlands.  I don’t know whats up with that maybe our Lore-master Nindakin can enlighten us.  Time for MMO Viking to go to the gym, aloha!

April 6, 2010

A whole new world

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Beo, Nin, and Vase with the help of Zalamar the gnome warlock completed our quest in the Burning Sands for our free magic carpets today.  +40% movement rate for free, very cool.  I’m afraid that when Redranth gets his he won’t stop singing Aladdin songs.  We also completed the Heritage quest for the FBSS which was fun.  We died a few times trying random hard named mobs.  We need our tank to play more, cmon Red real life is expensive, hang with us!  I need to post a screenshot of Beoromir’s pad.  It’s starting to look decent.  Beo is a level 32 carpenter at the moment and gets more cool stuff to make each level.

Search for a new guild

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Tonight Beo, Nin and Vase found a guild to join in Everquest 2.  We researched the guild using the in-game looking for guild feature, and Beo and Nin took a look at the website.  We don’t raid so that wasn’t a priority and we didn’t want a level 90 guild that had no use for us.  We found a nice mid-level casual non-raiding guild that seems full of nice people.  I’m looking forward to making new friends and I hope we end up staying for the long haul.  The guild we ended up chosing was Wolf of the Butcherblock server.  They just got a new fancy website which is here  Trueblade the guild recruiter gave us a great tour of the guild hall which is located in North Freeport.  The guild hall is awesome.  It contains a tradeskill area, banker, wizard and druid portals, bar, fishtanks, outdoor garden area and all kinds of cool useful stuff.


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