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June 29, 2010

More shards!

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Beoromir is coming along nicely now.  Recently got him his Epic weapon Havoc with help from a lot of people.  Specially Nin and Red having to slaughter approximately 500 Sarnaks for the damn thing.  Also Beo has 3 pieces of Tier 2 Brigand shard armor and a couple nice mythical items.  Level 81 with 151 alternate advancement points.  We had a very nice shard run today hitting like 5 dungeons including lower guk, which was a first for me.  The super group consisted of Gaealiege, Zalamar, Clara, Red, Nin and Beo.  So I’m pretty sure the classes are Shaman, Wizard, Bard, Paladin, Cleric, and Brigand.  Zal, Gaea and Clara are all level 90’s with excellent gear and aa’s so a lot of the times we are coasting but some of the boss fights still get pretty hairy.  I see Beo’s DPS improving the more aa’s he earns and the better gear he gets.  Beo is still kind of poor and needs a ton of master spells yet.  But that’s fine just another thing to play for.  Mahalo to the super group for the fun tonight.  I need to come up with a better nickname for the super group.  Nin, Red and Beo = the Viking Fellowship but us + the superpowers = something else.  Nindakin be creative and come up with something for once you miserable little brownie!

Viking attack

June 21, 2010

Beoromir’s Stronghold

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Beoromir purchased a six-bedroom stronghold in the City of Freeport.  He was living in a two-bedroom Neriak Inn before.  I still have a lot of work to do decorating the place but I have a couple of rooms close to being finished.  My pride and joy Beo’s Tavern is looking good.  Beo converted the basement into a barbarian tavern using the new Halas style counters, tables and benches, which look great.  Wine racks, kegs, steins, bar stools and stained glass make up the rest.  With a Beholder as the bartender.  I might add some more tapestries and other small changes but for the most part the Beo’s Tavern is open for buisness.  We don’t serve gnomes.

June 17, 2010

Obelisk of Ahkzul

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Wolf guild had another fun shard adventure tonight doing the Obelisk of Ahkzul instance.  The void pit boss was fun bouncing around trying to catch the void balls from reaching him.  If too many reach him he does a massive area effect attack on the group.  The final boss room had a great view.  Check it out.  This is Beo and Nin in our christian rock band album cover, or maybe its a swedish death metal band since Beo is a viking.

June 11, 2010


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Viking explorers Nindakin and Beoromir dungeon crawled Sebalis tonight bringing back feelings of nostalgia for MMO Viking from his Old Seb EQ1 days.  All the undead frogloks and iksar and clay golems.  We had bad luck with the ornate chests only getting 2 of about 8 and the two we did get had the wrong type of armor (cloth and plate).  Beo needs some chainmail by Odin!  But Beo did make another adventurer level which is always good.  The plan is to get to Level 81 and then switch to alternate advancement point leveling.  That way we aren’t Level 90 and overwhelmed by the content at that level.  Beo needs to work on his tradeskilling, currently at Level 45 carpenter, 45 levels to go!  ARGH!

Seb !

June 10, 2010

Anashti Sul

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Beoromir finshed a couple more of his diety quests tonight with help from Nindakin and Kiler the Wizard.  Beo’s diety in EQ2 is Anashti Sul.  Anashti Sul did not exist in EQ1.  Anashti Sul was the original Prime Healer and was sentenced to non-existence by the other gods when she unwittingly released undeath upon the inhabitants of early Norrath.  Rodcet Nife was later appointed to take her place.  Now she is the patron evil goddess of assassins, brigands, anti-healers and undead.  Beo thinks she got a bad rap.  She was just trying to banish death forever, whats so wrong with that?  Also today the three vikings Beo, Nin and Red adventured in Karnor’s for some nice EQ1 nostalgia.  Good times!!

June 8, 2010

Back from forced break

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Sorry for the lack of posts my loyal fans!  My monster computer broke and I had to send it in for repairs.  I blame Nindakin.  It was all his master plan to out level and out status Beoromir in Everquest 2.  But the dark ages are over.  Beo is back!  Beo has a new look which is kind of like his old look from EQ1.  I even got a white wolf “puppy” just like the white warder Beo had in EQ1, well except it can’t attack.   Barbarians don’t wear shirts.  Beo has to be able to show off the gun-show or as he calls it his “Thunder and Lightning”.  Whatcha goin’ do brother when Beo-hulk comes down on you?!  Beo heard a lot of  “Beo put a shirt on!” and “aww cmon!” in Everquest 1 but he ignored all pleas to cover up his barbarian manly-ness.  I’m very excited to be back playing, I was going through MMO withdrawls.  It’s a sickness!  MMO Viking is down with the sickness and doesn’t want cured ever.  In other news Nindakin seems to have a fan-club within the guild since I was gone which is very amusing.  Can’t they see his inherent evil-ness?  Well all you Beo-maniacs out there eat your vitamins and live right.  Tune in for more posts soon!  BEOSMASH!!!

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