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July 28, 2010

Modern Day Mythology

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I’m a little worried about the new Thor movie coming out next year.  I am a huge Thor fan, mostly the original myth of Thor.  I’m also a huge Marvel Comics fan.  I grew up on Uncanny X-men.  Back when Wolverine was a cult hero, not the mainstream hero he is now.  A few years back the movie Beowulf came out.  I really wanted the movie to be great because I name most all my Characters in MMO’s after him.  It ended up being alright, nothing fantastic but one part did make me laugh.  My EQ1 character Beowolv the Beastlord always ran around shirtless to show off his manliness / hero-ness.    Beowulf the movie had Beowulf fight and defeat Grendel while being completely naked.  Pretty funny.  All the superhero movies coming out are fantastic.  Ironman, X-men, Batman, Spider-man are like modern-day mythology which is part of the fun for me.  I love mythology.  I have a couple worries about the Thor the movie.  One is at this moment Thor is still at cult status which makes him more cool.  When Thor the movie hits he will become mainstream thereby losing cool points.  When my mom knows what Mjolnir is that means a loss of thousands of cool points.  Another worry is Thor will be a modern-day mythology about an ancient day mythology which is wierd.  I like the casting of Hannibal Lector as Odin and Captain Kirk’s dad as Thor looks good though.  Here’s to hoping the Thor movie crushes like a hammer to a Frost Giant’s skull!

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