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August 12, 2010

Katana Smash!

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I recently finished the Hua Mein faction in the Sundered Frontier with Beoromir.  Meaning I could purchase a cool looking purple glowing katana to match his green glowing one.  Some people say a Viking should not have dual katanas but I say whatever gets the job done.  It’s kind of like a space cowboy from Serenity.  It shouldn’t work but it does.  The Hua Mein are a kung-fu panda race which definitely works.  I love watching them practice Tai-Chi, it’s awesome.  Beoromir is 207 aa’s out of 250 and a level 84 carpenter at present time.  SOE has announced the next expansion Destiny of Velious to come out February 8th 2011.  I’m excited for it.  300 new quests will be fun, hundreds of new items, 10 new dungeons and 2 overland zones just like Sentinel’s Fate.  Doesn’t seem like they are raising the level cap which is good spell-wise.  Hopefully they add some cool new Brigand AA ability.  Oh and one more thing they are adding is flying mounts.  I don’t mind flying mounts at all.  It’s one of the very very few things I enjoyed from WoW that I sometimes miss.  If you go to the EQflames message boards you will read a ton of chicken little’s the sky is falling types crying like babies about the new expansion before they even play it, talking of switching to other new MMOs.  To all these SOE haters that are so vehement, It seems transparent that they enjoy Everquest 2 so much that they get too wrapped up in every little thing.  I say to all the haters take your hateraid and go play that new MMO.  And whatever that new MMO is it will be fun for maybe a month then everyone will realize that it sucks and leave.  But please haters don’t come back.  MMO Viking would rather have a few servers of cool laid back people then 20 servers of haters.

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