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December 19, 2010

Everquest 2 Dragons

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So I expanded my house limit from 800 items to 1000 items.  While I was at it I bought the all the dragon plushies from the Station Store too due to a holiday double cash deal.  With the added space I built some Dragon Stables for Beoromir’s Stronghold.  I know dragons have wings and might be able to fly over the tiny fences but oh well.  I also broke down and started an alternate character finally.  Beobo the Dwarf Paladin.  Beobo sticking with my Beowulf slash Lord of the Rings theme for character names.  He is quite enjoyable to play.  He can blast enemies from a distance with holy lightning and fight them toe to toe without having to backstab for maximum effectiveness, and he can heal!  So yeah he is a lot of fun to play so far.  The starting area of New Halas helps with keeping me entertained due to all the new quests.  I remember back in the day Everquest 1, every race started in thier own home city.  Now in EQ2 dwarves get to chose between starting in New Halas a barbarian city or Kelethin the elf city.  Hell in EQ1 the wood elves and the high elves each had a different city!  I understand the reasoning to have more players starting in the same area to group but I think I prefer the original Everquest way.



December 16, 2010

Merry Frostfell !

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I enjoyed the EQ2 Frostfell (Christmas) festivities.  Tons of quests with house item rewards and appearance items.  The Icy Keep instance was fun to figure out with Nindakin.  We ran it about a dozen times taking Neecrol through all the quests too.  From the Icy Keep tokens Beoromir was able to construct a Ice Fortress outside his Freeport Stronghold.  I saw a lodizal plushie on EQ2 Decorators website that I would love to get for Beoromir’s aquarium.  Looked like a decent long questline.  Beoromir’s Stronghold has reached its 800 items limit.  I’m tempted to buy the 200 item space expander from the Station Cash.  I think it’s about $12.  Probably worth it to me because I enjoy that part of the game.  Enjoy this screenshot of Beo in Frostfell gear including candy cane weapons and Neecrol breakdancing in the background near the Ice Fortress.  Mele Kalikimaka my friends!

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