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February 27, 2011

Flying in Everquest 2

Tonight I finished Beoromir’s griffon quests and his little griffawn pet became a rideable griffon.  I purchased the collector’s edition of Destiny of Velious that came with the alternate griffon mount which looks pretty nice.  Beoromir with Reddranth, Nindakin, Neecrol and Zalamar all reached the alternate advancement cap by grinding to 300 aa’s in Sebilis today.  Went fast with the double xp EQ-wide plus advancement potions.  Was a very fun day of adventuring and we finished it off with a Tower of Frozen Shadows run.

February 10, 2011

Lightsaber duels

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Reddranth and Beoromir square off with glowing swords.  The colors remind me of lightsabers belonging to Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and whatever jedi Samuel L. Jackson played.  MMO Viking is going to stick with Beoromir as his main character and to just keep Beobo around as an alt to fart around on.  I have decided to betray from evil Brigand to good Swashbuckler on Beoromir too.  Mostly due to my love of AE damage.  A few other benefits are I get to move to New Halas, also known as Viking-ville.  And I will earn more aa points with the betrayal questline.  Beoromir is currently at 226 alternate advancement points.  The drawbacks are I will have to decorate a new house.  I will have to acquire alot of new Master spells.  I’m looking forward to the change and the learning of how to play a new class.  It should be fun!

February 5, 2011

White-bearded viking

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Almost Superbowl time!  MMO Viking is rooting for Greenbay Packers this Superbowl.  I dislike the Pittsburg Steelers due to them and the referees beating the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL.  Also due to Big-Ben’s douchbaggery with his trapping co-eds in bathrooms strategy.  In Everquest 2 news I’m using the new EQ2 iphone app that allows you to look at characters stuff and also chat with guild and any other channel while not even in-game.  Pretty cool.  I’ve used it to mess with Nindakin already.

February 1, 2011

White Knight

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So while adventuring with Nindakin and Neecrol, Beobo happened upon a sweet white viking helmet.  Naturally I had to base his entire look on it.  Also tonight while adventuring with the crew in the Hate raid zone I got this sweet shiny white and gold Fabled shield to match Beobo’s armor.  It’s funny how excited I can get for playing a character if I really like the way he looks.  Beobo is sporting a long white beard that you cannot see in this screenshot.  Maybe next post you will see it’s magnificence.

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