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July 11, 2011

Everquest 2 burnout

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It’s been a few months since my last update.  I really enjoyed Destiny of Velious but I have finished almost all the solo stuff and a lot of the group stuff in the expansion.  The last couple months I’ve been a little burned out on EQ2 and haven’t been playing much.  It’s from a variety of reasons.  Capping Beoromir’s level and AA points, working at my job longer hours, going to the beach more often, buying a new huge TV and playing a lot of XBOX 360 on it, and running out of content that I haven’t done.  I kind of wish EQ2 had 2000 AA points like EQ1, so I could constantly be improving my character even if its only by .0000001% at a time.   Hopefully I can find some more stuff that catches my interest in game to do because I want to get back to playing soon.  Maybe old quests or group dungeons for upgrades on equipment.  We shall see.  Here’s a screenshot of Beoromir right before he and Queen Antonia Bayle have a make-out session.

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