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January 6, 2012

Epic Weapon

Tonight I finished Beodin’s Epic quest for his Fabled Claws of Khati Sha.  Thanks go out to Nindakin, Reddranth, Neecrol, Colossus and Gaealiege for the help along the way.  The quest was very long and sometimes difficult.  I was worried about the final solo fight against the Ogre Viax because I heard it was difficult.  I learned all I could about it before the encounter and even re-did some AA line with Colossus’s suggestions for the fight.  The fight was long but in the end I never fell below 75% health using spiritual stance and my Stag warder spamming the two heals I had.  I’m sure my max aa’s helped too.  Mythicals are next!

January 4, 2012


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MMO Viking is back!  After a long computer issue related problem I’m back to Norrath with a new computer.  An ASUS G74S Gaming Laptop which screams and I love.  But best of all I’m back and playing a Barbarian Beastlord complete with a White-wolf warder of course, just like the old days in Everquest 1!  Huzzah!!  I’ve been back a few weeks and just recently got Beodin the Beastlord to Level 90 with max AA’s 320.  Next on the To-do List is getting Beodin his Epic Claws.  This latest expansion in EQ2 has MMO Viking written all over it.  In addition to bringing back the Beastlord class it has player made dungeon building and you can reforge your weapons with a bunch of different particle effects.  I’m thinking about doing the Wurmslayer Heritage quest and slapping a awesome effect on it.  I’m having a blast so far.  2012 is going to be fun in Norrath.

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