MMO Viking

February 29, 2012

Beodin Strike!

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MMO Viking’s guild “Viking Fellowship” hit level 24 tonight.  Pretty good for only being 2 weeks old and having only 3 active guild members.  We have been knocking out writs and conducting 3-man raids of Veeshan’s Peak to earn status.  Level 30 guild is the current goal so we can buy ourselves a guild hall with 5 ammenities.  It’s good having another goal to strive for in the game to keep me interested.  Reddranth says he will join the three of us after we get the guild hall up and running.  He can’t go back to being hardcore and needs his easy guild hall transportation options.  I must admit I miss them, but it won’t be too much longer…

February 17, 2012

The Guild

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MMO Viking and his group of friends weren’t getting much out of our old guilds.  Mostly due to small amount of guild members online and the ones that were online weren’t able to really help us in a group.  So we decided to form our own small guild with just us.  Viking Fellowship the Everquest 2 guild on Butcherblock server is where you can find us and all are welcome to join.  We formed on 14 February 2012 and tonight 17 February 2012 we are a Level 14 guild.  Level 30 is required for a guildhall and that is the goal at the moment.  I am enjoying having something else to work towards considering Beodin the Beastlord is max level and max alternate advancement points.

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