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March 25, 2013

Story questing

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Olfr has recovered his ancestral horn from his personal story mission.  I was then given the choice of handing it over to the bear people that made it because they suspected it was corrupted or take it back home.  I decided to  keep it.  Things happen, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything here.  I’ve uncovered 13% of the world map.  I’ve unlocked some new skills, like a spinning charge attack and a shout that makes enemies run for a short time.  I haven’t been burning through the game as fast as I thought I would.  There really is a ton of content suprisingly.  There is still time to join in on the fun.  Join me in Guild Was 2 on the Blackgate server!

March 19, 2013

Exploring Guild Wars 2

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I’ve reached level 19 with Olfr the Norn Warrior.  I am very impressed with the game so far.  I love the world map.  It is a lot of fun to just explore.  I love how nearby mini events will be circled on the map and will move if the event is moving.  It could be a huge boss like monster that all players can gang up on or it might be an escort mission of a large caravan of goods between towns.  Most of the quests have mutiple ways that you can complete them. It could be direct slaying of bad guys + revive fallen NPCs + remove traps.  You could stick to 1 or do all 3.  Adds nice variety to normal MMO kill 10 rats quests.  I’ve been using rifle and bow  with my warrior which has been fun.  If Nindakin would just get the game and join me I could pull out the 2 handed hammer more  often!

March 11, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Time!

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Decided to try out another MMO.  After much research I went with Guild Wars 2.  No monthly subscription is nice.  Innovative new stuff.  Nice graphics, Casual gameplay.  I’m enjoying it so far.  My character’s name is Olfr and of course he is a Norn (Viking) Warrior.  I’ve tried to convince Nin to join me but he says he has too many other games to play.  It’s too bad because I feel this game is perfect for 2 people to run around in and enjoy.  I’ll post more details next time!

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