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October 16, 2013

Sylvari raiding party

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Yesterday MMO Viking and a couple of friends played Guild Wars 2 for 7 hours.  It was awesome.  We all made Sylvari.  I created Vaarulf the Engineer, joining him was Schiitake the Thief and Indicarnate the Elementalist.  We completed a ton of tasks, points of interests, vistas, and skill points.  We also completed a bunch of our Storyline adventures.  The best part was the fact we all started together and could do all this as a group completing everything for our characters for the first time.  I know I could have played my level 46 warrior with them and it would have brought him down to the level of the map area but it would not have been the same because he would have had much of those tasks and areas already completed.  Here’s a screenshot of the crew.  From left to right, Indicarnate, Vaarulf, Schiitake.

October 15, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Sylvari

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So I convinced a friend to buy guild wars 2 and play with me.  He wants to try out the Sylvari aka Treefolk in the game.  I’m down to try something new.  We plan on playing tomorrow due to the download taking all night tonight most likely.  So I went ahead and made a couple Sylvari.  They live in a enormous tree born like seedlings.  They have bark like skin and leafs for hair.  One very cool thing is they glow in the dark.  Lots of customization options with crazy skin color, glow color, eye color, hair / leaf color.  First I made a greenish ranger (beastlord) but decided it was too status quo and deleted him.  Then I created a purple Elementalist which looks fantastic.  After that a Blue Engineer with Red glow parts which also looks great.  I think I am going to go with the Engineer because I love his steam punk googles and shooting dual pistols is fun.  You can see the red glow in his hair and ears in this screenshot.



October 4, 2013

Chocobo Mount !

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Black Dolph did buy himself a chocobo the other day.  The greatest part is when  you mount up it plays the old chocobo music I remember from Final Fantasy 7.  MMO Viking is really looking forward to Everquest Next though.  FFXIV is entertaining at the moment but I know I’m not staying.  I plan on trying out Elder Scrolls Online but I’m crossing my fingers that I enjoy EQN more.  EQN has the pedigree and the track record of long term support.  It has the lore that I prefer over ESO.  I played Everquest for eight years, I played Everquest 2 for five years.  I am really hoping to get the same type of long term playability out of EQN.

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