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December 25, 2014

Merry Everquest Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!  I finally got my new Ranger to Level 100 and 340 AA points.  I did a little of the Tears of Veeshan expansion before moving on to the latest expansion Altar of Malice.  I’ve completed the AoM questline and I’m working on upgrading my gear and spells now.  I want to thank Nindakin for helping me understand the different new gear and all the crazy buffs and stat soft caps and hard caps.  Basically everytime I get a piece of gear I have to ask Nin if it’s any good.  I’m enjoying the new content and having fun learning my new character.   I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Go Seahawks!

December 5, 2014

Velious grinding to 100

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Beo Jr made it to about level 67 with me.  It was fun but I doubt he will be playing anymore.  It gets boring without friends to group with.  I told him all the groups are at the level 100 and that’s a long grind away.  But I’m going to power on and try to get there without losing all hope.  My strategy is to grind out quests while listening to sports and comedy pod-casts.  Beovaldr the Dwarf Ranger is now Level 86 and a half and is grinding away in a deserted Velious.  Nindakin took pity on me grinding quests in god awful Kunark and took me on a Seb-run from levels 76 to 85.  Praise Odin.  I know these next 14 levels are going to be rough.  Wish me luck!

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