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May 27, 2016

Minas Tirith

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Beothjor has reached the level cap of 105 and has reached Minas Tirith.   Minas Tirith is pretty awesome!  Beothjor still has a ton of stuff to work towards which is nice.  I’m still leveling my first age legendary bow and I need to get a good legendary melee weapon eventually.  I’m working on getting a bunch of factions to ally so that I can purchase the good stuff from those venders.  I’m also working on a bunch of old deeds and traits.  I even eventually will get around to leveling up my tradeskills which I have neglected completely since level 65.  Nin come back and play if you get bored of EQ2 ever.  I mean it is free to play!

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April 24, 2016

Fangorn Forest

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Beothjor has made it to Fangorn Forest and is currently doing some quests for the Ents.  I dinged level 96 tonight .  Some of the fights are starting to get tougher.  I’m afraid my old gear might be to blame.  I’m looking forward to hitting level 100 and trading in my old level 85 second age bow for a level 100 second or maybe first age bow… We shall see!  I did a couple of the Helms Deep big battles.  I won the first one lost the second.  It was interesting but not really my cup of tea me thinks.  The battle at Helms Deep looks pretty cool though!  Praise Thor!


April 17, 2016

Gandalf the White

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I’ve been playing Lord of The Rings Online daily.  Beothjor has joined the guild Second Breakfast and even got approved to full member after a three week trial.  Seems to be good people and I’m enjoying it so far.  They put on multiple concerts weekly and do fun events.  You won’t see that on another MMO.  The music is definitely one of the coolest things in LOTRO.  I’ve been adventuring across Rohan and tonight made level 90.  They did another update and apparently added the Battle of Pellenor Fields and raised the level cap to 105.  So 15 levels to go!  I made it to Edoras and got to see King Theoden and company.  Very cool.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gondor next!  Here’s a screenshot of Beothjor hanging out with Gandalf the White and Shadowfax.  I prefer Gandalf the Gray but that’s just me.




March 25, 2016

Back to Middle Earth!

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One year later the MMO itch has hit me hard again.  So this time I decided to go back to one of my old favorites Lord of the Rings Online.  Last time I played the game was six long years or so ago.  The good thing is back then I bought a lifetime membership to the game.  So when I fired it back up I had a TON of turbine points on my  account and was able to buy all the expansions I missed while I was gone with those points with a ton of points left over.  I’ve resumed playing my Dwarf Hunter now named Beothjor (thanks to extra turbine points) and now on the Crickhollow server due to server consolidation from my old server Silverlode.  Last I played Beothjor he was level 65 and had finished with Siege of Mirkwood expansion stuff.  Now Beothjor is level 73 and working his way through Rise of Isengard stuff.  I can’t wait to see Rohan and Gondor!  Other things I’ve been playing since I’ve been gone are Fallout 4, Darkest Dungeon, Elite Dangerous, XCOM 2, Rocket League, 7 days to die, Diablo 3, NBA2K16.

March 7, 2010

Beo’s take on Final Fantasy XIII

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Beowyf has been doing many skirmishes lately and rewarded himself with the new Rift hauberk and cloak.  Beowyf also got Thorin’s bust for his house.  Thorin’s bust is expensive at 10 campaign marks and 1000+ marks but he had to have it.  Nin and Beo duo’ed the rift skirmish a few times tonight and it is fun with timing fellowship manoeuvres several times and an additional mob at the end with the boss.  Added some spice to the boring fast solo experience of it.  I’ve been reading early reviews of the new Final Fantasy coming out tuesday and it sounds too boring to try.  Apparently they went away from the open world rpg type and for the most part the story is on rails, linear all the way except for a few areas towards the end.  No thanks.   Even though I know it will look fantastic I can’t do games on rails anymore, MMO Viking demands sandbox-style, open world gameplay!  Usually I’m all for style over substance but in this case I am afraid I am going to have to pass.  I’ll try again in 3-4 years when the make the next one and heed the avalanche of complaints I see coming their way.

March 5, 2010

Greetings from the Rift

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Beowyf completed the latest book and had fun in the new Rift skirmish.  The skirmish is pretty quick solo.  I want to check it out in 2-man, 3-man and 6-man modes.  Redranth, Nindrojrir, Afastr and Beowyf did another DG run the other day with again no luck on the 2nd age item dropping.  One of these days it will happen by Odin’s ravens!  The Rift skirmish also has its own reward tokens that can be turned in for some cool items including a helm that Beo has his eye on.  4 tokens to go!  I want to send a shout out to Cappy who is missing in action.  Cappy come back and play with your bros you know you want to!  Mahalo!

February 24, 2010

Gaming away

MMO Viking has seen his Middle Earth playing time dwindling this past month.  It’s been from several factors.  First I think it’s been from logging in and not as many friends are on.  I blame Red and his social life!  Hey Red move back to your parents house!  Secondly it’s been a plethora of good console games I’ve been playing.  Fallout 3 game of the year edition, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2 and the soon to be new Final Fantasy.  Good news is the next LOTRO update sounds great.  I really like the 2-man skirmish talk.  Nindrojrir and Beowyf are tired of doing 3-mans.  I’ve been logging in Beowyf daily to crank out the Scholar guild faction quests for the ultimate prize of making crafted range relics for his Legendary Items.  It might take a couple weeks.  I’m currently reading Steven Erikson’s Toll the Hounds, from his Malazan Book of the Fallen series.  Fantastic!  MMO Viking’s second favorite fantasy series with George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire in first place.  Red or Derrigaul feel free to text or call MMO Viking next time you play!  Time to play my Wasteland Warrior in Fallout 3 and cap some super mutant scum!

January 19, 2010

Hall of Mirrors fun

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I want to congratulate Afastr and Capron for each reaching level 60.  I’ve been really looking forward to them getting up here so we can all adventure together in 3-man and 6-man instances.  Beowyf and Nindrojrir took Afastr to the Hall of Mirrors in Moria tonight.  Dwarf Brigade II Electric Boogaloo.  Hall of Mirrors is one of my favorite Moria instances.  Mostly because Nin has the mirror sequence memorized!  It really is a cool looking place.  It was fun cutting through the place like a hot knife through butter with our level 65 dps.  The final boss was dead way before we were down to her last 4 minions.  She had like 10 or 12 still alive when she died.  Good times.  In other news MMO Viking is pulling for the Saints to win the Superbowl.  You would think I would pulling for the Vikings and maybe I would of but I’m tired of Brett Farve and Drew Brees is the man.  I usually root for the underdogs and the teams that have never won a Superbowl before.  Go Saints!

January 13, 2010

The Gunshow

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Beowyf deconstructed his first Level 65 bow and is now using a Level 65 crossbow “The Gunshow”.  Nin and Red say a crossbow looks more dwarf-like and I think I have to agree.  Had another successful Sammuth Gul run last night.  The group consisted of Redranth, Nindrojrir, Beowyf and 3 pickups a Burgler, a Loremaster and another Hunter.  Best SG group so far!  We beat everything  down fast.  We were like Lian Neeson chopping throats in Taken except no girl to rescue at the end.  It was very nice.  I still haven’t seen a 2nd age item drop yet but its bound to happen one of these times!  I had Beowyf join a new kinship / guild.  It’s actually a friend guild.  My old Everquest guild Noble Rage.  So now I think NR of lotro has the following people in it:  Redranth, Nindrojrir, Beowyf, Canum, Scionof, Adanther, Capron, Afastr, Borthos.  Correct me if I am missing anyone, but I think that’s it.   I’d of rather tried to make our own kinship then use our old Everquest guild name.  I know I could come up with something cooler sounding, something hardcore and nordic or maybe even Tolkien-ish.  I mean Noble Rage always sounded to me like a French Musketeer taking off his white glove and slapping someone in the face with it.  But I will live for now I guess.  This is definitely a friend guild.  Guilds in MMOs go in this order:  Bankguild:  Guilds made just for the shared bankspace.  Friendguild:  guild made just to chat and maybe make 1 group of 6 once a week.  Casualguild:  Guild that raids maybe once or twice a week but mostly helps newb members get stuff.  Hardcoreguild:  Raids 3-5 nights a week.  I’ve been in all of them and they all have their plusses and minuses.  Bonus two screenshots this post because I like them both.

January 7, 2010

Beowyf the Explorer

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I updated Beowyf’s ranger-look with the Adventurer’s Hat and Map-makers Backpack from skirmish custom looks rewards.  I really like the backpack it has alot of detail with the two books, lots of maps, quill and ink.  I just had the hat on yesterday, Nin and Red called me Cowboy-Beo.  So I started charging into battle shouting “HE-HAW!”.  I like to think of this look as Indiana-Jonesbeo or Bayorah the Explorer.  Beowyf destroyed his old Level 60 2nd Age Hammer BEOSMASH and is now using his new Level 65 3rd Age Hammer BEOSMASH II.  One of the cool new legacies I like on it is increased hunter run speed.  Normal Hunter runspeed buff is 15% so far I’ve got it up to 20%.  I’m not sure how high it will go, but I will find out!  Fast is good.

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