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July 11, 2011

Everquest 2 burnout

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It’s been a few months since my last update.  I really enjoyed Destiny of Velious but I have finished almost all the solo stuff and a lot of the group stuff in the expansion.  The last couple months I’ve been a little burned out on EQ2 and haven’t been playing much.  It’s from a variety of reasons.  Capping Beoromir’s level and AA points, working at my job longer hours, going to the beach more often, buying a new huge TV and playing a lot of XBOX 360 on it, and running out of content that I haven’t done.  I kind of wish EQ2 had 2000 AA points like EQ1, so I could constantly be improving my character even if its only by .0000001% at a time.   Hopefully I can find some more stuff that catches my interest in game to do because I want to get back to playing soon.  Maybe old quests or group dungeons for upgrades on equipment.  We shall see.  Here’s a screenshot of Beoromir right before he and Queen Antonia Bayle have a make-out session.

February 5, 2011

White-bearded viking

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Almost Superbowl time!  MMO Viking is rooting for Greenbay Packers this Superbowl.  I dislike the Pittsburg Steelers due to them and the referees beating the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL.  Also due to Big-Ben’s douchbaggery with his trapping co-eds in bathrooms strategy.  In Everquest 2 news I’m using the new EQ2 iphone app that allows you to look at characters stuff and also chat with guild and any other channel while not even in-game.  Pretty cool.  I’ve used it to mess with Nindakin already.

July 28, 2010

Modern Day Mythology

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I’m a little worried about the new Thor movie coming out next year.  I am a huge Thor fan, mostly the original myth of Thor.  I’m also a huge Marvel Comics fan.  I grew up on Uncanny X-men.  Back when Wolverine was a cult hero, not the mainstream hero he is now.  A few years back the movie Beowulf came out.  I really wanted the movie to be great because I name most all my Characters in MMO’s after him.  It ended up being alright, nothing fantastic but one part did make me laugh.  My EQ1 character Beowolv the Beastlord always ran around shirtless to show off his manliness / hero-ness.    Beowulf the movie had Beowulf fight and defeat Grendel while being completely naked.  Pretty funny.  All the superhero movies coming out are fantastic.  Ironman, X-men, Batman, Spider-man are like modern-day mythology which is part of the fun for me.  I love mythology.  I have a couple worries about the Thor the movie.  One is at this moment Thor is still at cult status which makes him more cool.  When Thor the movie hits he will become mainstream thereby losing cool points.  When my mom knows what Mjolnir is that means a loss of thousands of cool points.  Another worry is Thor will be a modern-day mythology about an ancient day mythology which is wierd.  I like the casting of Hannibal Lector as Odin and Captain Kirk’s dad as Thor looks good though.  Here’s to hoping the Thor movie crushes like a hammer to a Frost Giant’s skull!

January 15, 2010

Online Sandbox

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I like to make up my own games within MMO’s.  I like kidding around with my friends in-game, giving each other a hard time about their choice of race, gender or how bad their gear is, or how little gold they have.  I know in the past Nindrojrir and I would pay each other to do obnoxious things during a group play session just to spruce it up.  These deals made up on the fly in private tells.  Beowyf has stripped down to his skivvies and charged into battle before shouting “BEOSMASH!” just for laughs.  My latest sandboxing of lotro is my effort to get all my friends and kinmates to move into the same neighborhood.  Barleywick neighborhood of the Shire homesteads.  Currently including Beowyf there is eight of us in the ‘hood.  I’m mounting a campaign to get our guild house moved from boring Bree to Barleywick.  Beowyf has even offered to pay for the move which is alot of gold for a kin house.  Another game within the game I like to do in MMOs  is the in-game economics.  Basically it boils down to trying to make more gold then Nindrojrir.  Lord of the Rings Online makes it pretty hard to make in-game money.  A lot goes to repairing gear and potions and housing.  Most the gold I’ve made in-game is from tradeskilling.  Either just selling the items from the collection nodes or actually making potions from them and selling them in the Auction House.  In Everquest the best way to make money was hunt down Named Mobs, kill them and sell the weapon or gear they dropped in the Bazaar for plat.  That was easier.  In lotro the named only drop mithril shards which is ok but only go for about 800 silver currently.  I miss making fast plat in EQ.  I remember one time when a new EQ expansion came out I made an unholy alliance with Nin to kill a bunch of the new named and sell the new gear in the bazaar.  I think we each made 1 million plat in 2 weeks time before the new expansion inflation went away.  The new gear sold for 250,000 plat at first then 150,000, then 100,000 and finally after about a month the same gear was selling for 9000 to 10,000 plat.  I miss the Everquest marketplace, goodtimes!  Now most MMOs make the gear undroppable / bound to whoever loots it.  It helps keep the marketplace from going crazy but it’s kind of boring to me.  I say make everything droppable.  I can see where it would promote farming items but so be it.  That’s part of the sandbox!  Beowyf would gladly pay gold for a rare cool looking cloak that he liked instead of hiking deep into Goblin Town.  I remember Capron and Afastr farmed Lodizal the giant turtle in EQ for two weeks even setting their alarm to wake them every 14 hours when it would pop.  Now thats some game within and without the game. 

November 24, 2009

Siege of Mirkwood

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The NDA was lifted days ago and between what I’ve read and heard Siege of Mirkwood seems like it might be perfect for the Viking Fellowship.  I’m especially excited like a 12-year-old schoolgirl at a twilight movie for the new Skirmish System.  Small battles playable from anywhere from 1 to 6 people with some sort of scalable tokens reward system that you can turn in for a long list of different rewards.  This sounds like the old EQ1 Lost Dungeons of Norrath type of reward system which MMO Viking did enjoy.  Also in the skirmish system each player brings along a computer controlled soldier to help them fight.  It can be a Tank type, a DPS type or a Healing type.  This is very intriguing.  At the moment I am leaning healing type so if I want to do solo skirmishes I will have someone to heal Beowyf.  But if it seems the majority of the time I am doing tons of skirmishes with the Fellowship and have no need for a healing NPC, I will adapt and use a DPS soldier.  I’m thinking if it ends up the majority of the time Beowyf and Nindrojrir duoing it might be best Beo + Healer and Nin + Tank.  Nindrojrir has all ready threatened to make his Soldier a DPS hunter type and name it Smartbeo.  Nin is evil.  I was watching House last night and realized Dr. Gregory House reminded me of Nin.  Narcissistic and always plotting evil little things to keep himself amused!  Anyway it all depends on the toughness of the skirmish and if Beowyf the Hunter can Tank it himself.  We shall see.  Once this thing starts it will be fun to figure out! 

November 21, 2009

Turbine on notice

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There is much I love about Lord of the Rings Online.  The setting, the graphics.  That’s all awesome but I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see changed or added on.  First off the user interface is ugly and even downloading a new UI doesn’t help all the way because you can’t change the very ugly icons.  I don’t know why its been coded this way or what but why won’t Turbine allow someone to come up with prettier icons.  I remember downloading the very nice icons  for EQ1 from the eq interface site and it just changing the general look by about 200%.  I’d like to see more 3-man instances with more rewards.  It could even be entire sets of gear that is just for looks.  That way you wouldn’t even have to worry about balance and what not.  More crafted items for player houses and yards, more outfits for more originality amongst the players.  Add more facial features, new noses, scars, missing eye, jewelry, piercings, beards and allow the barbers to give nose jobs.  I’ve decided I want the bigger dwarf nose for Beowyf!  It’s more dwarfy!  Currently he has the broken nose look.  A lot of what I’d like to see is just more options.  More options for player looks, more options for player play.  I’d like to see when you forge a level 65 Legendary Item, or identify it you can choose between 5 different styles.  Instead of being stuck with generic lvl 65 1-hand hammer look.  Beowyf wants a hammer that looks like Mjolnir to smash his foes!   Turbine make it so.  MMO Viking gives you until Rohan to make these changes.

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