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Siege of Mirkwood video

When I logged on tonight while loading lotro, I was played a video for the upcoming expansion Siege of Mirkwood.  It starts off with Gandalf sitting at a campfire warning us that the forces of Mordor know of the One Ring (which is bad) and that those forces are on the march and coming to look for it.  Then it shows a fellowship of adventurers entering Mirkwood and fighting a horde of uglies.  The human tank guy takes out a big Ogre impressively.  The Elf hunter shoots 3 arrows at once which is kind of lame because the Hunter class in lotro has a skill that allows 3 arrows in rapid succession not 3 at once.  Another reason this is lame is because its become a hollywood joke.  In the latest spoof Epic Movie I think they had a character load up like 10 arrows at once on his bow.  MMO Viking thinks firing any more then one arrow from a bow at a time is weaksauce.  If it was a special crossbow then that is acceptable.  Ok then after the dumb elf they show a cool sneaky hobbit.  The hobbit hides under his cloak looking like a rock then appears from under it stabbing a ugly in the back.  Cool shit.  The last member of this crew is a awesome ugly dwarf with a huge battle hammer.  He unleashes his battlecry the same one from lotro that sounds like “BAHLUKEYGAHL!!@”  and smashes some orcs face in.  The video pans out showing all 4 members of the fellowship then shows the Nazgul and the Eye of Sauron.  Notice that the video shows no one healing anyone.  Healing has never been cool.  Nindrojrir this knocks more cool points from you, you are getting very low now!

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