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December 18, 2009

Sammath Gul

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The Viking Fellowship finally all got together for the six-man instance in Dol Guldur.  Very rare occurrence lately to get all 6 members of the fellowship of the same level range playing at the same time.  The only one not level 65 was Canum.  O the shame!  Canum is currently level 64, slacker.  This was our first time attempting it and we made it past the first two bosses before Canum’s bedtime of I think he said 10:30 pm.  10:30 on a friday night?  Cmon!!  You’re killing us man.  We all blamed it on Capron though for not being level 65 yet.  Capron is level 51 at the moment running around deep in the Mines of Moria complaining about the Y axis.  One funny thing in Sammath Gul is bone piles.  If you step on a bone pile it will spawn a ghost that summons skeletons.  This always leads to “argh!  who stepped in the pile?!”  Usually Canum but I think Borthos and Red admitted to 1 each.  I’m thinking next time we go I run Beowyf over 6 piles at once and then run them to the group.  First I’d get Nindrojrir in tells to offer me a little silver.  Nin is always down for cruel jokes!  Beating bosses for the first time is always fun times.  I’m looking forward to going again and beating the whole thing.

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