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December 14, 2009

The Lore-master

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Canum is the viking fellowship’s Lore-master.  Lore-masters are a pet class that do debuffs and can give members of the fellowship power when needed.  Which is a lot with Redranth!  I’ve known Canum a long time since our Noble Rage days playing Everquest.  He was our second best wizard in the guild behind Nindakin.  Nin took him under his wing and taught him the ways of doing crazy huge redonkulus nukes in EQ.  Anyway Canum provides us with a lot of jokes at his expense because he is playing a female character.  This is called being a Shim.  People that play shims have many excuses.  One is they would rather look at a girl’s ass all day in 3rd person then a dudes.  Another is that guys playing MMOs will treat them nicer and maybe even give them free stuff because they think they are an actual girl.   MMO Viking thinks any reason is inexcusable!  If you are a dude in real life, don’t play a girl on your MMO!  Not cool!  Only women playing MMOs should play women characters.  You might think Beo has been burned in the past by a shim.  This is incorrect.  Beo does his research before giving away free stuff and chatting up women in MMOs.  Anyway Canum is an easy target for jokes in the fellowship, with guys saying they are checking out his rack and etc.  Canum, Borthos and Adanther all know each other in real life which is cool.  Ada is Canum’s cousin and Borthos is Canum’s best friend / roommate.  Scionof, who I haven’t introduced yet is Canum’s real life father.  This is all very cool.  I actually started playing LOTRO because my brother Hask wanted me to play with him.  He doesn’t play nearly as much as I do but we have fun when I do catch him online.  Hask and I both have lifetime subscriptions to lotro so I am sure we will be playing this in 10 years still off and on.  Congrats Canum on hitting level 64 today, 1 more to go!

December 7, 2009

The Guardian

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Adanther the Guardian is the next member of the Viking Fellowship I am going to talk about.  After Beowyf and Nindrojrir, Adanther might have the third most actual lotro gameplay time.  Which means a couple things.  The best thing is he is around to help out and will do so whenever asked.  Another thing this means is like Beo and Nin he doesn’t have much of a real life!  Just kidding about that last part, well kinda.  When Ada and Borthos first started playing lotro we yelled at them for both picking guardians, because we already had our Fellowship tank Redranth.  Borthos finally relented and made a Rune Keeper thank Thor.  I make fun of Ada sometimes for being a guardian and not the main tank, with comments like “Hey Ada summon me”  as if he was a captain and etc.  But I have come to realize he does come in useful as the 2nd Tank of the fellowship, great for off tanking especially when there is 2 boss monsters at once.  Also he helped me on one of my final epic quests in Moria when Red wasn’t around which was awesome.   Adanther is another of the X-Everquest crew from Prexus.  In Everquest he played a Frog Cleric which was funny and I enjoyed.  Ada has sworn to never play a healer since though.  Beowyf is jealous of Adanther for a couple things.  Ada gets to wear cool heavy plate armor and gets to wield a huge bad ass two-handed hammer.  MMO Viking loves battle hammers.  Adanther should of been a dwarf but that’s ok.  Being the race of man, the largest playable free person race, the hammer he wields is giganormous.  Seriously that thing would weigh 95 lbs in real life.  Adanther you should name your hammer something cool like “KICK-ASS”.     

December 5, 2009

Ding 65

Beowyf dinged level 65 last night with Adanther and Nindrojrir in close second at level 64.  That means the three of us out leveled Capron by thirteen levels the past week.  This makes MMO Viking sad!  C’mon cappy don’t stall out now!  After making it to the level cap I fast traveled around the various Malledhrim camps in Mirkwood trying to find my new potion recipes.  I found them at the large fort in the middle of Mirkwood.   The fort has two names.  The first is Minas Celebolf which means Minas=Tower and Celebolf=golden flower, so Tower of the golden flower.  The second name is Ost Galadh which means Ost=Fortress and Galadh=tree, so Fortress of the tree.  I’m thinking the Malledhrim renamed it Ost Galadh when they took it over recently.  This is Beowyf’s new home-base.  No more 21st hall for Beo.  Beo found the malledhrim acquaintance faction vendors here.  So I traded in the tokens and got Beo the new Malledhrim-faction Morale, Power, Fear, Wound, Disease, and Poison potions.  Beo has been making some cash from his alchemy lately.  I am really glad a switched from explorer.  Everyone always needs potions!  Also I’ve gotten the new battle scrolls recipes and the new improved bow-chant breach finder recipe.  Cool stuff.  Ost Galadh has a large crafting hall inside it, not small like the Mines of Moria 21st hall one.  And the crafting hall even has a bank inside it!  Only thing missing is an auction house in it but that’s asking too much I’m sure.  I discovered also that there is a Skirmish trainer and captain in our neighborhood of Barleywick in the Shire.  I thought that was kind of cool.  Here’s a screenshot of Beowyf the Alchemist making potions in the Tree-Fort crafting hall.

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