MMO Viking

January 24, 2011

Beobo Bronzebeard

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So my alt character Dwarf Paladin Beobo Bronzebeard recently hit level 82 and I’ve been grinding aa’s since.  He currently has 145 aa’s and I figure to head to level 90 after he hits 200.  He is a nice change from my Brigand.  Some things I like that he can do and my Brigand could not are, run into a huge crowd of mobs and mash AE buttons, wear plate mail, and heal.  Big thing I miss is evac.  It’s just nice to be able to evac after finishing a dungeon or after grinding somewhere.  Oh and invising, I miss that sometimes.  I might eventually make Beobo my main character, I haven’t decided yet.  And I might switch him to Shadowknight if I do that for more utility in group when Redranth our normal group Paladin comes back from hiatus.  Anyway he has been fun to play so far.  We will see.

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