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January 24, 2010

Kinship Home

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MMO Viking’s campaign to have his kinship move the home from Bree to the Shire paid off.  Beowyf had to pay the 15 gold for the home but that is fine.  It was worth it!  We almost own the entire Barleywick neighborhood which is fun.  A lot of people ask me why not a dwarf neighborhood?  It basically boils down to I don’t like the screenshots there.  Plus you have to love the Shire hobbit homes with their round doors and rolling hills.  Don’t you worry though Beowyf decorated the front yard of the Noble Rage kinship home.  A huge tower from the Rangers of Esteldin faction and some pillars from the Rangers of Annuminas faction.  Then the best part, nine Dwarven Hero statues from Thorin’s Hall faction!  The yard looks awesome!  A little obnoxious, a little creepy maybe, but most definitely awesome.  It will provoke reactions.  The statues kind of look like a dwarf fellowship was attacked by a medusa, or giant yard gnomes.  Capron says they kind of look like Hitler’s Dwarf youth brigade with their arms raised like that.  The tower is the largest structure in the entire neighborhood and is definitely obnoxious.  I shall name it Beo’s Tower.

December 18, 2009

Guest blogger

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Guest blogger Capron writes:

In a species otherwise characterized only by its competition with others of its own kind for the necessities of procreation, an aberration has emerged. Due to an evolutionary mutation made possible only by eons of random chance, two previously distinct basic organisms Fugligo Septica and Armillaria Ostoyae fused to form a terrible new creature. A brief scientific background follows.

Fugligo Septica — Commonly known as “The Dog Vomit Fungus” is actually not a fungus at all but a slime mold often found growing in mulched areas around homes and in forests. When young, the mold “is often bright yellow, and in some instances, sickly orange. The colorful growth occurs when the mold is beginning its fruiting stage (see post about Annuminas Armor) . . . Like many humans, the mold matures into a harder, larger mass that loses much of its bright attractive color. Although still able to project fear in some people at this stage, it becomes harder to notice (and resorts to screaming “BEOSMASH” in order to make up for this new inadequacy). During the next stage, the slime mold becomes crusty and uninviting.”

Armillaria Ostoyae – World’s largest living Organism
Currently believed to be the world’s largest living organism, this humungous fungus covers over 2,200 acres in eastern Oregon and is believed to be between 2,400 and 7,200 years old. Upon sampling “Honey Mushrooms” over several disparate areas in the forest, scientists were astonished to find that these mushrooms were not distinct organisms, but surface manifestations of one huge fungus living beneath the forest floor. This fungus is responsible for countless tree deaths as it uses tiny tentacles called rhizomorphs to steal water and nutrients from nearby vegetation

The fusion of these two species is made possible by the little known fact that, unlike humans who have only two, fungi have over 36,000 different sexes. At some point, 10-15 years in the past, what must have been a particularly unattractive specimen of Fuglio Septica apparently wandered into an Oregon campground with a 36-pack of wine coolers. From that ungodly union sprang Beo-aria Septica (named by scientists who observed that after ingesting samples of the new species, lab techs manifested projectile vomiting accompanied by an uncontrolled evacuation of their bowels).

Beo-aria is, like its maternal forebearer, a conglomerate paradox of single-celled orgamisms which have found a new evolutionary viability in pooling their resources in order to deprive their competitors from scarce necessities and thereby thrive. This phenomenon is known as lewt-whoring. Beo-aria is responsible for the gradual economic death of those around him as he uses his lootwhoromorphs to steal resources from those foolish enough to maintain a close proximity (see EQ funnies).

Like Fuglio, Beo-aria delights in displaying colorful outfits in certain distinct stages of its development. Scientists familiar with both organisms have aptly termed this the Beo-aria’s “Fruity” stage, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “Fruiting” stage of its ancestor. Beo-aria, however, having inherited an uncommonly long life, is not limited to one such fruity stage, but can manifest this gender-confused tendency with little to no warning. Introducing an elf of any kind into Beo’s immediate environment is almost certain to result in such a blossoming.

What makes the Beo so unique is the deceptive appearance of coherent thought that it seems to have developed as a defense mechanism in response to natural predators. Scientists can only hypothesize, but prevalent theories in leading scholarly journals have opined that, the Beo-aria developed both its bipedal movement and speech patterns in an attempt to blend it with its only competitors in the wild – man, dwarf, and hobbit.

One of Beo’s most disconcerting characteristics is the ability to confound these competitors by preying on their most effective evolutionary survival developments – rational thought. The Beo-aria insidiously appears to participate in a similar thinking process (as certain butterflies have developed large dark markings on their wings which appear to be monstrous eyes to their predators) but then undercuts the ability in those around it, by injecting entire strings of nonsense words and sounds into its predators’ immediate environment. This often results in a mental crippling of the unfortunate subject that can strip it of any and all desire to argue or communicate and leaving it without its most effective survival tool, thereby rendering it largely helpless. It is often at this very juncture that the above referenced lootwhoromorphs liberate the Beo’s victim from anything shiny or of value.

November 30, 2009

Beowyf the Ranger

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Three more days until Siege of Mirkwood expansion.  I am excited for it but the downside is my little side project of obtaining a full set of Annuminas armor will have to be on hold once it hits.  Everyone will be too busy enjoying the new skirmishes and leveling up, including me.  All I have left to get for the set is the Helm and Shoulders.  The helm is easy it can be done by three of the Viking Fellowship.  But the shoulders are obtained from the Gardens in Ost Elendil and that place requires a full fellowship of six to turn the water wheels to open the gates.  The armor looks much better with the shoulders.  MMO Viking needs those shoulders!  I need my precioussss.  I have a plan though.  I am going to bribe my friends.  I will offer each person of the fellowship one gold piece to knock it out someday and to not roll on the shoulders against me.  Even Nindrojrir who doesn’t even want the armor and hasn’t been rolling on them.  I figure if I get Nin on my side he will help me pester the rest to go in on the deal!  It is always good to get Nin on my side with any nefarious plans.  We are an unstoppable force together.  It’s kind of like Odin and Loki joining forces.  Once I have the full set Beowyf will be able to switch back and forth from the gold and navy Dwarven Lord outfit and the green and brown Dwarven Ranger outfit.  Or as I like to think of it as Young Beo the Ranger and Old Beo the Viking-lord. 

November 14, 2009

Annúminas questing

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Lately Beowyf has been questing in Annúminas .  A level 50 area of Evendim.  Annúminas is the initial capital of the Kingdom of Arnor in the north of Eriador, founded on 3320 of the Second Age by Elendil.  In the city the main inherited objects of Númenor are guarded, like the Sceptre of Annúminas, symbol of the real power, the Stone of Annúminas, the Elendilmir, the Barahir Ring and the fragments of Narsil. In year 10 of the Third Age, after the death of Elendil and Isildur, the smaller son of this last one, Valandil, it occupies the throne of the city. In Annúminas they govern the seven following Kings of Arnor (Eldacar, Arantar, Tarcil, Tarondor, Valandur, Elendur and Eärendur), in the most prosperous and calm years of the kingdom.  In 810, Arnor is divided in three dominions, and Amlaith, first king of Arthedain, transfers the capital to Fornost, its city of adoption. Annúminas then falls into a progressive decay. The last inhabitants leave a few centuries later, leaving it behind in ruins.  At the beginning of the Fourth Age, Aragorn, proclaimed sovereign of the Unified Kingdom, undertakes the works of reconstruction of the city, accompanied by Arwen.  The meaning `Tower of the West’ (annûn = put of the sun, west, west; minas = tower).  It now lies in ruins, and is overrun by Angmarim Invaders who are fighting the Rangers  for control of the city.

Why is Beo questing in a level 50 area as a level 60 Hunter?  To get a cool outfit of course!  MMO Viking wants the armor set from Annúminas bad.  The set is not a upgrade to the +10 Radiance set that Beowyf owns from Moria, it really is just all about the looks.  I feel looks are important in MMOs.  I like to stand out and not look the same as all the other players.  I have not seen many players with this set of armor.   I want to have some personality and I want my guy to look awesome!    The Viking Fellowship has completed the three instances located in Annúminas but needs to do so a couple more times for more armor pieces.  It is something to do if the fellowship is too short-handed to complete a meaningful level 60 instance but wants something to do fun.  So lately you will find Beowyf slaughtering Angmarim Invaders by the thousands looking for Arnorian armor fragments to turn into the Rangers there for the armor set reward.  This gives MMO Viking something to grind away at while waiting for friends to log in, which is a good thing!

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