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August 3, 2014

Enjoying Summer

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Long time no post.  MMO Viking has been busy this summer with my kids visiting me.  I tried a little Wildstar it was cool but not quite my style.  Just got back from the movies with the kids.  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was fantastic.  Very funny and cool.  Currently I’ve been playing Diablo III with Beo Jr.  We leveled up a couple new characters together from level 1 to 70 and are currently playing the End Game / Adventure mode and earning Paragon levels.  I played a wizard this time around and Beo Jr a Barbarian.  Man wizards are super powerful!  But they look so EMO.  I wish they looked more Gandalf-ey.  Here’s a screenshot of our dudes.

November 17, 2010

Everquest 2 Player housing

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Everquest 2 has the best player housing in MMOs at this time, which I love.  Beoromir has a 6 room Stronghold that he can decorate with up to 800 items anyway I choose.  It doesn’t have certain slots you can place items like LOTRO has.  You can place everything anywhere you wish and you can adjust the size of the items anyway you want.  I adjusted all the furniture to a Barbarian size in Beo’s Stronghold.  The housing items in EQ2 can come from quests, trophies, player made items, Legends of Norrath card loot, or purchased from station cash.  Beoromir’s Stronghold has been a work in progress the past year, but it’s almost done.  I have plans for the winter festival items coming up soon, but after that it should be pretty much done.  I’m probably going to post a bunch of screenshots as a side page on the blog.  Here is a shot of Beoromir’s Bath.

November 14, 2009

The Hunter

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I’d like to introduce the Viking Fellowship members first.  Let me begin with myself.  MMO Viking plays Beowyf Foamfollower a Dwarven Hunter.  He is the damage dealer.  Beo mostly attacks from a distance with his bow but is not afraid to go toe to toe with giants, orcs and dragons.  Most Middle Earth Hunters are Elves and Men.  Now Dwarves are very Norse and therefore very awesome.  There is no way MMO Viking is going to play a sissy elf, I don’t care if they get a 5% bonus damage while using bows!  Dwarves are more hearty and get dwarf endurance to take more beatings!  In a past life I played Beowolv Foamfollower the Barbarian Beastlord with his trusty white-wulf “Puppy”.  That was another lifetime I’ll talk of that later.  Anyway Beowyf the Dwarf is the DPS (Damage-Per-Second) of the Fellowship but often times ends up being the Tank when the Fellowship’s Tank is not online (which is alot!)  Beowyf can fast travel the Viking Fellowship to many locations in Middle Earth as a Hunter, often times being called the derogatory name of “taxi”  by Fellowship members that wish to get a rise out of him.  Beowyf can also provide crowd control of a group of enemies with his Rain of Thorns arrow attack, rooting multiple enemies in place.  Beowyf can on occasion (ok it might happen alot)  go suddenly AFK (away from keyboard)  without warning to the fellowship.  The results can be bad.  An example would be The Fellowship throws a spear at a group of enemies resulting in, let us say ten enemies attacking.  Slowly one by one the fellowship members are defeated and someone notices Beowyf is standing staring at a dungeon wall doing nothing.  This is sometimes called “pulling a Beo”.  That’s it for now on Beowyf the Dwarf Hunter.  I hope it has proved enlightening.

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