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April 2, 2013

Underwater adventures

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I have to say the underwater areas in Guild Wars 2 are pretty awesome.  So what if my chainmail clad viking would sink like a rock to the bottom if this was realistic at all.  The graphics look great underwater with alternating sun rays and bubbles and sharks and frogmen swimming around.  I realized one thing that I am really enjoying over Everquest 2.  It’s being able to move mobs around during combat.  Not just training them backwards either.  In GW2 I can kick mobs back, I can rifle butt them back, I can do a fearsome warrior shout that sends them running, or my favorite I can do a huge stomp that sends them all flying.  Basically the combat is a blast.  Olfr is level 36 now and I’ve been playing with a couple co-workers.  One is a Norn Ranger aka Beastlord which I approve.  The other is a human Necromancer.  Olfr Smash !!

February 17, 2012

The Guild

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MMO Viking and his group of friends weren’t getting much out of our old guilds.  Mostly due to small amount of guild members online and the ones that were online weren’t able to really help us in a group.  So we decided to form our own small guild with just us.  Viking Fellowship the Everquest 2 guild on Butcherblock server is where you can find us and all are welcome to join.  We formed on 14 February 2012 and tonight 17 February 2012 we are a Level 14 guild.  Level 30 is required for a guildhall and that is the goal at the moment.  I am enjoying having something else to work towards considering Beodin the Beastlord is max level and max alternate advancement points.

January 4, 2012


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MMO Viking is back!  After a long computer issue related problem I’m back to Norrath with a new computer.  An ASUS G74S Gaming Laptop which screams and I love.  But best of all I’m back and playing a Barbarian Beastlord complete with a White-wolf warder of course, just like the old days in Everquest 1!  Huzzah!!  I’ve been back a few weeks and just recently got Beodin the Beastlord to Level 90 with max AA’s 320.  Next on the To-do List is getting Beodin his Epic Claws.  This latest expansion in EQ2 has MMO Viking written all over it.  In addition to bringing back the Beastlord class it has player made dungeon building and you can reforge your weapons with a bunch of different particle effects.  I’m thinking about doing the Wurmslayer Heritage quest and slapping a awesome effect on it.  I’m having a blast so far.  2012 is going to be fun in Norrath.

July 1, 2010


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My boy Redman the Paladin earned his mythical Holy Avenger sword “The Truth of Marr” with some help from the Viking Fellowship & Olympians.  Apparently of all the classes mythical weapons, Paladins is very powerful.  They say SOE loves its Paladins.  My first character ever in Everquest 1 was a dwarven paladin and I tell you he sucked.  Hard to solo with them back then.  Very slow leveling and gear dependent.  I eventually switched to a Barbarian Beastlord after a 10 month tour of duty cruising the Persian Gulf.  The Beastlord was alot more fun, specially to solo with.  I’ve come to recongize that I am not a tank type in MMOs.  I prefer the DPS type that can relax a bit.  The Hunter in LOTRO that I played was very easy.  He could sit waaaaaaay back and still crank out his max DPS.  EQ2 playing my Brigand is a bit more difficult.  I actually have to move to the back of the mobs to be able to crank out his max potiental van-damage.  It’s not difficult with 1 mob, but with 5 mobs that circle the tank it’s kind of a pain in the arse.  In other news Beoromir built a huge aquarium in his stronghold.  He still needs a squid for it and some coral and sand tiles, but it looks pretty good.

Red Avenger

June 8, 2010

Back from forced break

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Sorry for the lack of posts my loyal fans!  My monster computer broke and I had to send it in for repairs.  I blame Nindakin.  It was all his master plan to out level and out status Beoromir in Everquest 2.  But the dark ages are over.  Beo is back!  Beo has a new look which is kind of like his old look from EQ1.  I even got a white wolf “puppy” just like the white warder Beo had in EQ1, well except it can’t attack.   Barbarians don’t wear shirts.  Beo has to be able to show off the gun-show or as he calls it his “Thunder and Lightning”.  Whatcha goin’ do brother when Beo-hulk comes down on you?!  Beo heard a lot of  “Beo put a shirt on!” and “aww cmon!” in Everquest 1 but he ignored all pleas to cover up his barbarian manly-ness.  I’m very excited to be back playing, I was going through MMO withdrawls.  It’s a sickness!  MMO Viking is down with the sickness and doesn’t want cured ever.  In other news Nindakin seems to have a fan-club within the guild since I was gone which is very amusing.  Can’t they see his inherent evil-ness?  Well all you Beo-maniacs out there eat your vitamins and live right.  Tune in for more posts soon!  BEOSMASH!!!

November 14, 2009

The Hunter

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I’d like to introduce the Viking Fellowship members first.  Let me begin with myself.  MMO Viking plays Beowyf Foamfollower a Dwarven Hunter.  He is the damage dealer.  Beo mostly attacks from a distance with his bow but is not afraid to go toe to toe with giants, orcs and dragons.  Most Middle Earth Hunters are Elves and Men.  Now Dwarves are very Norse and therefore very awesome.  There is no way MMO Viking is going to play a sissy elf, I don’t care if they get a 5% bonus damage while using bows!  Dwarves are more hearty and get dwarf endurance to take more beatings!  In a past life I played Beowolv Foamfollower the Barbarian Beastlord with his trusty white-wulf “Puppy”.  That was another lifetime I’ll talk of that later.  Anyway Beowyf the Dwarf is the DPS (Damage-Per-Second) of the Fellowship but often times ends up being the Tank when the Fellowship’s Tank is not online (which is alot!)  Beowyf can fast travel the Viking Fellowship to many locations in Middle Earth as a Hunter, often times being called the derogatory name of “taxi”  by Fellowship members that wish to get a rise out of him.  Beowyf can also provide crowd control of a group of enemies with his Rain of Thorns arrow attack, rooting multiple enemies in place.  Beowyf can on occasion (ok it might happen alot)  go suddenly AFK (away from keyboard)  without warning to the fellowship.  The results can be bad.  An example would be The Fellowship throws a spear at a group of enemies resulting in, let us say ten enemies attacking.  Slowly one by one the fellowship members are defeated and someone notices Beowyf is standing staring at a dungeon wall doing nothing.  This is sometimes called “pulling a Beo”.  That’s it for now on Beowyf the Dwarf Hunter.  I hope it has proved enlightening.

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