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April 17, 2016

Gandalf the White

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I’ve been playing Lord of The Rings Online daily.  Beothjor has joined the guild Second Breakfast and even got approved to full member after a three week trial.  Seems to be good people and I’m enjoying it so far.  They put on multiple concerts weekly and do fun events.  You won’t see that on another MMO.  The music is definitely one of the coolest things in LOTRO.  I’ve been adventuring across Rohan and tonight made level 90.  They did another update and apparently added the Battle of Pellenor Fields and raised the level cap to 105.  So 15 levels to go!  I made it to Edoras and got to see King Theoden and company.  Very cool.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gondor next!  Here’s a screenshot of Beothjor hanging out with Gandalf the White and Shadowfax.  I prefer Gandalf the Gray but that’s just me.





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