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October 24, 2014

Back to Everquest 2! AGAIN!!!

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Well I tried quite a few MMOs to satisfy my itch.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Wildstar,  Archeage, Champions Online…  None of them worked.  So I’m back baby!  This time I’m dragging my son into playing with me and starting from level 1 with a class I’ve never played before.  Beovaldr the Dwarf Ranger.  Beo Jr is playing his favorite Everquest race and class an Iksar Necromancer named Zerack.  When he first played Everquest 1 as a young lad he chose this combo and messed around in the Field of Bone.  So I think it’s cool he is keeping up his tradition.  Currently we are level 26 and we just beat The Fallen Gate and this screenshot is us victorious at the bottom of the dungeon in The Vault of The Fallen.  Huzzah!!

November 12, 2010

Back from hiatus

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I’m back from hiatus due to moving to Kauai and all the things that needed to be done to make that happen.  I’ve been back in Norrath about a week now and with the help of The Einherjar, Beoromir earned his Fabled Brigand sword, Enervated Havoc, Blade of Treachery.  Which I mounted behind Beo’s desk.  It looks pretty awesome with purple sparklies and a rotating blade tip.  The nice thing about the Enervated is it gives your character a self buff with the effect of the sword.  That way when you upgrade to better swords, you still get the effect.  I wish they had that back in EQ1 in the day, that would of been nice.  Bravo on whoever came up with this at SOE.  Beo also finished his Dance of Metal rank 2 alternate advancement ability which should help his DPS even more.  That’s all for now.  I promise more posts soon.

July 1, 2010


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My boy Redman the Paladin earned his mythical Holy Avenger sword “The Truth of Marr” with some help from the Viking Fellowship & Olympians.  Apparently of all the classes mythical weapons, Paladins is very powerful.  They say SOE loves its Paladins.  My first character ever in Everquest 1 was a dwarven paladin and I tell you he sucked.  Hard to solo with them back then.  Very slow leveling and gear dependent.  I eventually switched to a Barbarian Beastlord after a 10 month tour of duty cruising the Persian Gulf.  The Beastlord was alot more fun, specially to solo with.  I’ve come to recongize that I am not a tank type in MMOs.  I prefer the DPS type that can relax a bit.  The Hunter in LOTRO that I played was very easy.  He could sit waaaaaaay back and still crank out his max DPS.  EQ2 playing my Brigand is a bit more difficult.  I actually have to move to the back of the mobs to be able to crank out his max potiental van-damage.  It’s not difficult with 1 mob, but with 5 mobs that circle the tank it’s kind of a pain in the arse.  In other news Beoromir built a huge aquarium in his stronghold.  He still needs a squid for it and some coral and sand tiles, but it looks pretty good.

Red Avenger

April 13, 2010

Good old Kunark

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Last night Beo, Nin and Vase started questing in the Kylong Plains.  This is the second time I’ve quested here.  First time was with Beowolv the Berserker and Nindakin the Warlock.  Our second go around in Norrath 2 has been much easier mostly due to Nindakin going with a healing class.  Healing is pretty much a must in Everquest 2.  The three of us have all hit Level 65 and seem to be leveling very fast.  The tradeskill side otherwise Beoromir has just hit Level 41 Carpenter.  The tradeskilling can get boring but I love the part about making furniture and other items for Beo’s pad.  He now has a bar and an Altar to his god that he can pray to for abilities and buffs.  I’m working on getting him an aquarium full of sharks.  In EQ2 Karnors Castle is located in the Kylong Plains, in EQ1 it was located in the Dreadlands.  I don’t know whats up with that maybe our Lore-master Nindakin can enlighten us.  Time for MMO Viking to go to the gym, aloha!

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