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December 19, 2010

Everquest 2 Dragons

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So I expanded my house limit from 800 items to 1000 items.  While I was at it I bought the all the dragon plushies from the Station Store too due to a holiday double cash deal.  With the added space I built some Dragon Stables for Beoromir’s Stronghold.  I know dragons have wings and might be able to fly over the tiny fences but oh well.  I also broke down and started an alternate character finally.  Beobo the Dwarf Paladin.  Beobo sticking with my Beowulf slash Lord of the Rings theme for character names.  He is quite enjoyable to play.  He can blast enemies from a distance with holy lightning and fight them toe to toe without having to backstab for maximum effectiveness, and he can heal!  So yeah he is a lot of fun to play so far.  The starting area of New Halas helps with keeping me entertained due to all the new quests.  I remember back in the day Everquest 1, every race started in thier own home city.  Now in EQ2 dwarves get to chose between starting in New Halas a barbarian city or Kelethin the elf city.  Hell in EQ1 the wood elves and the high elves each had a different city!  I understand the reasoning to have more players starting in the same area to group but I think I prefer the original Everquest way.



June 8, 2010

Back from forced break

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Sorry for the lack of posts my loyal fans!  My monster computer broke and I had to send it in for repairs.  I blame Nindakin.  It was all his master plan to out level and out status Beoromir in Everquest 2.  But the dark ages are over.  Beo is back!  Beo has a new look which is kind of like his old look from EQ1.  I even got a white wolf “puppy” just like the white warder Beo had in EQ1, well except it can’t attack.   Barbarians don’t wear shirts.  Beo has to be able to show off the gun-show or as he calls it his “Thunder and Lightning”.  Whatcha goin’ do brother when Beo-hulk comes down on you?!  Beo heard a lot of  “Beo put a shirt on!” and “aww cmon!” in Everquest 1 but he ignored all pleas to cover up his barbarian manly-ness.  I’m very excited to be back playing, I was going through MMO withdrawls.  It’s a sickness!  MMO Viking is down with the sickness and doesn’t want cured ever.  In other news Nindakin seems to have a fan-club within the guild since I was gone which is very amusing.  Can’t they see his inherent evil-ness?  Well all you Beo-maniacs out there eat your vitamins and live right.  Tune in for more posts soon!  BEOSMASH!!!

January 15, 2010

Online Sandbox

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I like to make up my own games within MMO’s.  I like kidding around with my friends in-game, giving each other a hard time about their choice of race, gender or how bad their gear is, or how little gold they have.  I know in the past Nindrojrir and I would pay each other to do obnoxious things during a group play session just to spruce it up.  These deals made up on the fly in private tells.  Beowyf has stripped down to his skivvies and charged into battle before shouting “BEOSMASH!” just for laughs.  My latest sandboxing of lotro is my effort to get all my friends and kinmates to move into the same neighborhood.  Barleywick neighborhood of the Shire homesteads.  Currently including Beowyf there is eight of us in the ‘hood.  I’m mounting a campaign to get our guild house moved from boring Bree to Barleywick.  Beowyf has even offered to pay for the move which is alot of gold for a kin house.  Another game within the game I like to do in MMOs  is the in-game economics.  Basically it boils down to trying to make more gold then Nindrojrir.  Lord of the Rings Online makes it pretty hard to make in-game money.  A lot goes to repairing gear and potions and housing.  Most the gold I’ve made in-game is from tradeskilling.  Either just selling the items from the collection nodes or actually making potions from them and selling them in the Auction House.  In Everquest the best way to make money was hunt down Named Mobs, kill them and sell the weapon or gear they dropped in the Bazaar for plat.  That was easier.  In lotro the named only drop mithril shards which is ok but only go for about 800 silver currently.  I miss making fast plat in EQ.  I remember one time when a new EQ expansion came out I made an unholy alliance with Nin to kill a bunch of the new named and sell the new gear in the bazaar.  I think we each made 1 million plat in 2 weeks time before the new expansion inflation went away.  The new gear sold for 250,000 plat at first then 150,000, then 100,000 and finally after about a month the same gear was selling for 9000 to 10,000 plat.  I miss the Everquest marketplace, goodtimes!  Now most MMOs make the gear undroppable / bound to whoever loots it.  It helps keep the marketplace from going crazy but it’s kind of boring to me.  I say make everything droppable.  I can see where it would promote farming items but so be it.  That’s part of the sandbox!  Beowyf would gladly pay gold for a rare cool looking cloak that he liked instead of hiking deep into Goblin Town.  I remember Capron and Afastr farmed Lodizal the giant turtle in EQ for two weeks even setting their alarm to wake them every 14 hours when it would pop.  Now thats some game within and without the game. 

January 4, 2010

Happy New Year from Middle Earth

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2010 is awesome for you all and that it brings us to Rohan and Helms Deep!  I’ve submitted a screenshot for a contest at check it out and vote!  I like a couple of the scenery shots but scenery is boring without someone in it I always say!  What’s with the new desktop icon for lotro?  It actually says Lord of the Rings Online now.  I like the old one better with the inscription from the One Ring.  This new one looks like crap compared to the One Ring icon.  I made Capron fifty-ish morale potions yesterday after he threatened to quit leveling and to just tradeskill.  I guess he keeps getting beatdown in Moria.  Poor burglar.  Me thinks we should start doing the good ole Moria 6-mans with him.  The Viking Fellowship lowbies are staring to slowly but surely catch up.  Afastr is Level 47.  Nindrojrir, Derrigaul, Catlady and I all helped him complete his Uru class questing yesterday.  Capron is 54 I believe and Derrigaul is Level 56 at the moment.  Beowyf broke 200 gold yesterday which seems like a ton in lotro.  Lord of the Rings Online really seems to roadblock making alot of in game money compared to other MMOs.  Compared to other MMOs lotro also only increase characters uberness incrementally each expansion.  I remember in Everquest a new expansion would come out and your character would gain 5 levels, 5000 hitpoints and 10 spells and would be able to destroy earlier content like Ivan Drago vs Apollo Creed.  “If he dies, he dies”.  In lotro its hard for me to tell if Beowyf is beating lower mobs any faster since getting 5 more levels and new equipment in Siege of Mirkwood.  Maybe I need to find a parse program to use.  Happy New Years bitches!

December 14, 2009

The Lore-master

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Canum is the viking fellowship’s Lore-master.  Lore-masters are a pet class that do debuffs and can give members of the fellowship power when needed.  Which is a lot with Redranth!  I’ve known Canum a long time since our Noble Rage days playing Everquest.  He was our second best wizard in the guild behind Nindakin.  Nin took him under his wing and taught him the ways of doing crazy huge redonkulus nukes in EQ.  Anyway Canum provides us with a lot of jokes at his expense because he is playing a female character.  This is called being a Shim.  People that play shims have many excuses.  One is they would rather look at a girl’s ass all day in 3rd person then a dudes.  Another is that guys playing MMOs will treat them nicer and maybe even give them free stuff because they think they are an actual girl.   MMO Viking thinks any reason is inexcusable!  If you are a dude in real life, don’t play a girl on your MMO!  Not cool!  Only women playing MMOs should play women characters.  You might think Beo has been burned in the past by a shim.  This is incorrect.  Beo does his research before giving away free stuff and chatting up women in MMOs.  Anyway Canum is an easy target for jokes in the fellowship, with guys saying they are checking out his rack and etc.  Canum, Borthos and Adanther all know each other in real life which is cool.  Ada is Canum’s cousin and Borthos is Canum’s best friend / roommate.  Scionof, who I haven’t introduced yet is Canum’s real life father.  This is all very cool.  I actually started playing LOTRO because my brother Hask wanted me to play with him.  He doesn’t play nearly as much as I do but we have fun when I do catch him online.  Hask and I both have lifetime subscriptions to lotro so I am sure we will be playing this in 10 years still off and on.  Congrats Canum on hitting level 64 today, 1 more to go!

December 7, 2009

The Guardian

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Adanther the Guardian is the next member of the Viking Fellowship I am going to talk about.  After Beowyf and Nindrojrir, Adanther might have the third most actual lotro gameplay time.  Which means a couple things.  The best thing is he is around to help out and will do so whenever asked.  Another thing this means is like Beo and Nin he doesn’t have much of a real life!  Just kidding about that last part, well kinda.  When Ada and Borthos first started playing lotro we yelled at them for both picking guardians, because we already had our Fellowship tank Redranth.  Borthos finally relented and made a Rune Keeper thank Thor.  I make fun of Ada sometimes for being a guardian and not the main tank, with comments like “Hey Ada summon me”  as if he was a captain and etc.  But I have come to realize he does come in useful as the 2nd Tank of the fellowship, great for off tanking especially when there is 2 boss monsters at once.  Also he helped me on one of my final epic quests in Moria when Red wasn’t around which was awesome.   Adanther is another of the X-Everquest crew from Prexus.  In Everquest he played a Frog Cleric which was funny and I enjoyed.  Ada has sworn to never play a healer since though.  Beowyf is jealous of Adanther for a couple things.  Ada gets to wear cool heavy plate armor and gets to wield a huge bad ass two-handed hammer.  MMO Viking loves battle hammers.  Adanther should of been a dwarf but that’s ok.  Being the race of man, the largest playable free person race, the hammer he wields is giganormous.  Seriously that thing would weigh 95 lbs in real life.  Adanther you should name your hammer something cool like “KICK-ASS”.     

November 24, 2009

The Burglar

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Our latest member of the Viking Fellowship is an old friend.   I have known and played with Cap since I first started playing MMOs back in 2001.  Back then he was Cappy the Ogre Warrior of Norrath and he later became Capron the Barbarian Shaman.  Huge change in Lord of the Rings Online he is playing a Hobbit Burglar.  Capron started playing with us just a few weeks ago but is already level 44.  He is a MMO pro.  I am overjoyed that Cap has joined us.  He is an excellent player but also he is the life of the party.  Cappy is the funniest player MMO Viking has ever played with.  Smart comedy like 30 Rock not dumb comedy like 2 and a half men.  Cappy used to play Everquest in the back of his classes on his laptop which Beo and Nin thought was awesome.  I also love the fact he chose a Hobbit Burglar.  The fellowship really can use a burglar well for all the conjunctions, specially due to the fact Red seems to always be low on power.  Red will say this is due to the fact he is using all his warden skills possible and getting every inch out of it.  I think Red needs to drink more power potions!   And we needed a Hobbit.  This is Lord of the Rings dammit, sequel to The Hobbit.  This time the hobbit isn’t hired by Gandalf and 13 dwarves to burgle but by Redranth and 2 dwarves!  My favorite races in lotro in order are dwarves, hobbits, female elves, female humans, male humans, male elves.  I don’t know why people play an MMO to play a human that seems boring.  There might be a third dwarf, another old friend added to the mix if he ends up enjoying lotro.  MMO Viking hopes so.  You can never have too many dwarves!

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