MMO Viking

June 11, 2010


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Viking explorers Nindakin and Beoromir dungeon crawled Sebalis tonight bringing back feelings of nostalgia for MMO Viking from his Old Seb EQ1 days.  All the undead frogloks and iksar and clay golems.  We had bad luck with the ornate chests only getting 2 of about 8 and the two we did get had the wrong type of armor (cloth and plate).  Beo needs some chainmail by Odin!  But Beo did make another adventurer level which is always good.  The plan is to get to Level 81 and then switch to alternate advancement point leveling.  That way we aren’t Level 90 and overwhelmed by the content at that level.  Beo needs to work on his tradeskilling, currently at Level 45 carpenter, 45 levels to go!  ARGH!

Seb !

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