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November 14, 2009

Introducing Nindrojrir

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The next member of the Viking Fellowship I wish to indroduce is Nindrojrir Perfidious the Dwarven Rune-Keeper.  Nindrojrir acts as the fellowship’s Healer but can do just as much DPS as Beowyf in a pinch.  Nindrojrir is constantly running around and jumping.  Nin has been running in circles constantly since Everquest 1.  MMO Viking’s kids laugh and call him “your jumping friend” when they see him.  Always dressed in black Nindrojrir seems like a cross between Lord Vordimort and Stewie from Family Guy.  Always quick to laugh at another member of  the Fellowship’s misfortune in game.  Well actually I think the entire Fellowship does this with each other but I think Nin leads this category.  Nindrojrir can summon a large healing Runestone that heals all Fellowship members closeby.  Beowyf likes to lean against it during fights.  Nindrojrir can also name the runestone, so being Nin he names his runestone after characters that have peeved him lately.  It is very insulting and can be confusing when the game says the Runestone has been defeated by enemies.  Nindrojrir always yells!  Every sentence is a yell!  An example would be “Beo what hell are you doing!”  Nindrojrir is the richest of the Fellowship with 100 gold to his name.  This is unacceptable to Beowyf who only has 63 gold.  The fact that Nin never spends his gold has not gone un-noticed by the Fellowship sometimes resulting in slurs directed at him.  In a past life Nin was Nindakin the Gnome Wizard.  MMO Viking prefers Norse-like Dwarves to Fae-Celtic-like gnomes anyday!  Luckily  J.R.R. Tolkien didn’t have a group of gnomes show up recruiting Bilbo Baggins to burgle for them! 

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