MMO Viking

September 18, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV !

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I’m sorry for the long delay.  I kind of took the summer off.  Guild Wars 2 was fun but I couldn’t get any friends to play it with me which is weird because it’s subscription free haha.  EQ2 is over for me.  It was a great run but now I’m eagerly awaiting Everquest Next.  In the meantime MMO Viking has started playing FInal Fantasy XIV.  FFXIV is a crazy pretty game.  It’s gorgeous!  I’m loving the graphics, the music, the Japanese feel and look, the classic Final Fantasy stuff.  Parts of the game remind me off my favorite Final Fantasy games FF6, FF7, and FF8.  It has some of the same music from the games, like the victory music and the resting in an Inn music.  It has a lot of the classic Final Fantasy creatures like the floating fire bombs and chocobos.  More good news is that I have a couple friends playing it with me so I shouldn’t get bored as fast as I did in GW2.  I begged Nindakin to join me but he declined.  He says he doesn’t have enough time in the day to play EQ2, his JRPGS and FFXIV.  I say bah!  If anyone wants to join me my character’s name is Black Dolph he is a Highlander Guardian and I play on the Gilgamesh server.  Go Seahawks!

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