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December 16, 2010

Merry Frostfell !

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I enjoyed the EQ2 Frostfell (Christmas) festivities.  Tons of quests with house item rewards and appearance items.  The Icy Keep instance was fun to figure out with Nindakin.  We ran it about a dozen times taking Neecrol through all the quests too.  From the Icy Keep tokens Beoromir was able to construct a Ice Fortress outside his Freeport Stronghold.  I saw a lodizal plushie on EQ2 Decorators website that I would love to get for Beoromir’s aquarium.  Looked like a decent long questline.  Beoromir’s Stronghold has reached its 800 items limit.  I’m tempted to buy the 200 item space expander from the Station Cash.  I think it’s about $12.  Probably worth it to me because I enjoy that part of the game.  Enjoy this screenshot of Beo in Frostfell gear including candy cane weapons and Neecrol breakdancing in the background near the Ice Fortress.  Mele Kalikimaka my friends!

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