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July 13, 2010

The Einherjar

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MMO Viking needs a name for his new EQ2 crew.  I am going to go with Einherjar.  In norse mythology, the Einherjar are those that have died in battle and are brought to Valhalla by valkyries.  In Valhalla, The Einherjar eat their fill of the nightly-resurrecting beast Sæhrímnir, and are brought their fill of mead from the udders of the goat Heiðrún by valkyries.  The Einherjar prepare daily for the events of Ragnarök, when they will march with Odin to battle the frost giants, the enemies of the gods.  MMO Viking’s crew of Einherjar ran a bunch of Sentinel’s Fate instances today.  Beo actually parsed 2nd place to the warlock today on one of the fights which is nice to see some progress in that regard.  I was getting tired of the Inquisitor and Paladin beating me on parses all the time, which definitely seemed unfair.  Beoromir does his best DPS on single targets.  On multiple mobs Reddranth does tons of DPS with his numerous AE attacks.  I really like the crew’s makeup.  Paladin at tank with awesome survivability and maintaining agro.  Inquisitor at the battle cleric position healing and dealing dps.  Defiler as another healer with fantastic wards for alllies and dots and debuffs for enemies.  Dirge for more excellent DPS and lots of buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies.  Brigand as the best single target debuffing in the game and good DPS.  And last but not least the Warlock, the Master-blaster, master of AE’s and DPS.  I need to get a screenshot of The Einherjar all together but they are hard to get to stand in one place long enough without running off into another glorious battle!

March 24, 2010

Norrath pulls me back in

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I am taking a break from Lord of the Rings Online due to boredom and after much discussion with Nin we decided to give Everquest 2 another go at it.  Since last we played a couple years ago there has been new expansions and the Level has increased to 90 with lots of alternate advancement stuff.  I will still be playing LOTRO periodically due to having a lifetime membership account there.  There are many cool things about EQ2 that made us decide on it.  Firstly we have history in Norrath, lots of good memories and bad we laugh at.  Eightish years playing EQ1 and oneish playing EQ2.  Tons of quests and stuff to do.  Collection quests with shinies, Heritage quests with cool rewards at the end that you can hang in your house.  The characters seem living and breathing and blinking.  They even turn their heads to look at things and other characters.  Actually being able to swim underwater finding underwater wrecked ships and caves that lead to dungeons.  Jumping off huge mountains and featherfalling to the bottom is always fun for me.  Tons of different races and classes.  I love variety.  First go around Beo and Nin were a Berserker and a Wizard.  This time Beo is a Brigand and Nin is a Inquistor (evil cleric).  Red has said he is going to join us as the Tank of course which is awesome.  If anyone wants to join in on the Everquest fun you can join MMO Viking on the Butcherblock server.

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