MMO Viking

December 17, 2009

Still enjoying Siege of Mirkwood

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I’ve been knocking out skirmishes and 3-man sword hall instances lately.  Skirmishes are still fun and there is still alot of stuff to get from the tokens including pumping up Beowyf’s soldier Beobo.  Redranth beat me to getting his soldier to rank 20.  But the good news is I will just keep Beobo rank 19 and spend the skirmish marks elsewhere.  Nin, Canum and Beowyf did sword halls a couple times tonight.  Beowyf the Hunter tank strikes again.  MMO Viking wants the hammer that drops from there for Beowyf’s offhand.  In non-related lotro news, the new Ironman 2 trailer is out and it is badass.  Ironman and Warmachine look awesome.  Lots of good actors in it.  I can’t wait to see it.

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