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December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from Sammuth Gul

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4/6th of the Viking Fellowship beat Sammuth Gul tonight, with two pick up groupies.  Redranth, Nindrojrir, Canum and Beowyf defeated all 4 bosses in the 6-man instance.  The third boss Gorothul gave us a little trouble but we got better each try until we beat him.  We got him down to 40k morale, 30k morale, 20k morale, then finally on the 4th try we beat him.  He has a nasty knockback and he also casts fear on people.  After getting him down 1/2 his morale his buddies start showing up out of the woodwork and keep on coming.  It was a fun fight and it felt awesome to beat him.  Canum did a great job on crowd control duty in the dungeon, which is much needed!  Check out the Nazgul outside the large window! 

Beowyf finally broke down and deconstructed his old level 60 2nd age bow “Lucky”.  He is using a level 65 3rd age now which has alot more DPS.  Beowyf also rearranged some gear and virtues raising his power from 1900 last week to 2600 this week.  Nice little jump in power!  MMO Viking has been thinking about trying the 12-man raid with his Kinship next time they try it.  Beowyf has 120 radiance now, I think thats the number required.  I haven’t raided in MMO’s in along time.  I really got burned out on raiding way back in Everquest with the high end 54-man raids and haven’t raided since.  12-man sound way more reasonable though!  “Merry Christmas to all!” sez Santa-Beo!

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