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March 30, 2010

Steamfont Mountain hunting

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Beoromir and Nindakin spent most the night hunting named mobs in Steamfont Mountains.  Well we did a lot of quests and would hit up named as we went.  Both of us are just a couple of pieces away from a very nice set of leather armor from the named there.  Towards the end we were competing for the named spawn with some anonymous high level person.  But that’s okay it just adds flavor to the MMO experience.  We both decided we really missed the named hunting in Everquest.  It just wasn’t the same in LOTRO.  In lotro they would drop 1 shard that could be used for tradeskilling items.  In Everquest they usually have a loot table which adds more variety and fun.  We stepped inside Klak’Anon to kill 1 named we had a quest for.  I love the graphics on the door to Klak’ANon, the gears move and with the shadows and the detail it looked pretty awesome.  We started a chat channel so if you jump on Butcherblock server /join vikingfellowship and say hi.

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