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May 27, 2016

Minas Tirith

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Beothjor has reached the level cap of 105 and has reached Minas Tirith.   Minas Tirith is pretty awesome!  Beothjor still has a ton of stuff to work towards which is nice.  I’m still leveling my first age legendary bow and I need to get a good legendary melee weapon eventually.  I’m working on getting a bunch of factions to ally so that I can purchase the good stuff from those venders.  I’m also working on a bunch of old deeds and traits.  I even eventually will get around to leveling up my tradeskills which I have neglected completely since level 65.  Nin come back and play if you get bored of EQ2 ever.  I mean it is free to play!

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April 24, 2016

Fangorn Forest

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Beothjor has made it to Fangorn Forest and is currently doing some quests for the Ents.  I dinged level 96 tonight .  Some of the fights are starting to get tougher.  I’m afraid my old gear might be to blame.  I’m looking forward to hitting level 100 and trading in my old level 85 second age bow for a level 100 second or maybe first age bow… We shall see!  I did a couple of the Helms Deep big battles.  I won the first one lost the second.  It was interesting but not really my cup of tea me thinks.  The battle at Helms Deep looks pretty cool though!  Praise Thor!


April 17, 2016

Gandalf the White

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I’ve been playing Lord of The Rings Online daily.  Beothjor has joined the guild Second Breakfast and even got approved to full member after a three week trial.  Seems to be good people and I’m enjoying it so far.  They put on multiple concerts weekly and do fun events.  You won’t see that on another MMO.  The music is definitely one of the coolest things in LOTRO.  I’ve been adventuring across Rohan and tonight made level 90.  They did another update and apparently added the Battle of Pellenor Fields and raised the level cap to 105.  So 15 levels to go!  I made it to Edoras and got to see King Theoden and company.  Very cool.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gondor next!  Here’s a screenshot of Beothjor hanging out with Gandalf the White and Shadowfax.  I prefer Gandalf the Gray but that’s just me.




March 25, 2016

Back to Middle Earth!

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One year later the MMO itch has hit me hard again.  So this time I decided to go back to one of my old favorites Lord of the Rings Online.  Last time I played the game was six long years or so ago.  The good thing is back then I bought a lifetime membership to the game.  So when I fired it back up I had a TON of turbine points on my  account and was able to buy all the expansions I missed while I was gone with those points with a ton of points left over.  I’ve resumed playing my Dwarf Hunter now named Beothjor (thanks to extra turbine points) and now on the Crickhollow server due to server consolidation from my old server Silverlode.  Last I played Beothjor he was level 65 and had finished with Siege of Mirkwood expansion stuff.  Now Beothjor is level 73 and working his way through Rise of Isengard stuff.  I can’t wait to see Rohan and Gondor!  Other things I’ve been playing since I’ve been gone are Fallout 4, Darkest Dungeon, Elite Dangerous, XCOM 2, Rocket League, 7 days to die, Diablo 3, NBA2K16.

March 28, 2010

The Paladin

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Redranth is back in Everquest.  The original Paladin is back in Norrath but this time instead of being a boring human he is a Faerie.  Fae in EQ2 can glide and have featherfall which is fun.  My first go round in EQ2 on Beowolv the Berserker I had a Cloak of Flowing Water that had featherfall and I loved it.  I would jump off the tallest mountain and float down, good times!  Specially when I did it leaving Nindakin back at the top of the mountain having to walk slowly back down through angry mobs.  Redranth is still on his trial account so he might change his mind on race if Nin teases him about being a fairy too much.  I would recommend a Kerran Paladin if he does because I think the cat race Kerrans look cool in EQ2.  In other news MMO Viking checked out the EQ2 Guild Halls which are giganormous.  They are more like Guild Castles.  Unlike guild halls in LOTRO the guild halls in Everquest 2 can contain wizard spires, druid rings, ships, teleporters, trainers, merchants and all kinds of stuff that are actually more than decoration.  The single biggest difference between EQ2 housing and LOTRO’s is you can place items anywhere.  In LOTRO you are limited to pre-set spots.  So in EQ2 you will see custom-built aquariums built from wood walls and furniture, glass, waterfalls etc… The customization is almost limitless.  The one part I liked about the guild halls in Lord of the Rings Online better was the neighborhoods.  In EQ2 the guild hall is a castle located on an island that you can see either off the shore from Antonica (good) or off the shore from Commonlands (evil).  So basically it seems the lore in EQ2 is saying there is 1 evil guild and 1 good guild.

January 15, 2010

Online Sandbox

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I like to make up my own games within MMO’s.  I like kidding around with my friends in-game, giving each other a hard time about their choice of race, gender or how bad their gear is, or how little gold they have.  I know in the past Nindrojrir and I would pay each other to do obnoxious things during a group play session just to spruce it up.  These deals made up on the fly in private tells.  Beowyf has stripped down to his skivvies and charged into battle before shouting “BEOSMASH!” just for laughs.  My latest sandboxing of lotro is my effort to get all my friends and kinmates to move into the same neighborhood.  Barleywick neighborhood of the Shire homesteads.  Currently including Beowyf there is eight of us in the ‘hood.  I’m mounting a campaign to get our guild house moved from boring Bree to Barleywick.  Beowyf has even offered to pay for the move which is alot of gold for a kin house.  Another game within the game I like to do in MMOs  is the in-game economics.  Basically it boils down to trying to make more gold then Nindrojrir.  Lord of the Rings Online makes it pretty hard to make in-game money.  A lot goes to repairing gear and potions and housing.  Most the gold I’ve made in-game is from tradeskilling.  Either just selling the items from the collection nodes or actually making potions from them and selling them in the Auction House.  In Everquest the best way to make money was hunt down Named Mobs, kill them and sell the weapon or gear they dropped in the Bazaar for plat.  That was easier.  In lotro the named only drop mithril shards which is ok but only go for about 800 silver currently.  I miss making fast plat in EQ.  I remember one time when a new EQ expansion came out I made an unholy alliance with Nin to kill a bunch of the new named and sell the new gear in the bazaar.  I think we each made 1 million plat in 2 weeks time before the new expansion inflation went away.  The new gear sold for 250,000 plat at first then 150,000, then 100,000 and finally after about a month the same gear was selling for 9000 to 10,000 plat.  I miss the Everquest marketplace, goodtimes!  Now most MMOs make the gear undroppable / bound to whoever loots it.  It helps keep the marketplace from going crazy but it’s kind of boring to me.  I say make everything droppable.  I can see where it would promote farming items but so be it.  That’s part of the sandbox!  Beowyf would gladly pay gold for a rare cool looking cloak that he liked instead of hiking deep into Goblin Town.  I remember Capron and Afastr farmed Lodizal the giant turtle in EQ for two weeks even setting their alarm to wake them every 14 hours when it would pop.  Now thats some game within and without the game. 

January 4, 2010

Happy New Year from Middle Earth

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2010 is awesome for you all and that it brings us to Rohan and Helms Deep!  I’ve submitted a screenshot for a contest at check it out and vote!  I like a couple of the scenery shots but scenery is boring without someone in it I always say!  What’s with the new desktop icon for lotro?  It actually says Lord of the Rings Online now.  I like the old one better with the inscription from the One Ring.  This new one looks like crap compared to the One Ring icon.  I made Capron fifty-ish morale potions yesterday after he threatened to quit leveling and to just tradeskill.  I guess he keeps getting beatdown in Moria.  Poor burglar.  Me thinks we should start doing the good ole Moria 6-mans with him.  The Viking Fellowship lowbies are staring to slowly but surely catch up.  Afastr is Level 47.  Nindrojrir, Derrigaul, Catlady and I all helped him complete his Uru class questing yesterday.  Capron is 54 I believe and Derrigaul is Level 56 at the moment.  Beowyf broke 200 gold yesterday which seems like a ton in lotro.  Lord of the Rings Online really seems to roadblock making alot of in game money compared to other MMOs.  Compared to other MMOs lotro also only increase characters uberness incrementally each expansion.  I remember in Everquest a new expansion would come out and your character would gain 5 levels, 5000 hitpoints and 10 spells and would be able to destroy earlier content like Ivan Drago vs Apollo Creed.  “If he dies, he dies”.  In lotro its hard for me to tell if Beowyf is beating lower mobs any faster since getting 5 more levels and new equipment in Siege of Mirkwood.  Maybe I need to find a parse program to use.  Happy New Years bitches!

December 17, 2009

Still enjoying Siege of Mirkwood

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I’ve been knocking out skirmishes and 3-man sword hall instances lately.  Skirmishes are still fun and there is still alot of stuff to get from the tokens including pumping up Beowyf’s soldier Beobo.  Redranth beat me to getting his soldier to rank 20.  But the good news is I will just keep Beobo rank 19 and spend the skirmish marks elsewhere.  Nin, Canum and Beowyf did sword halls a couple times tonight.  Beowyf the Hunter tank strikes again.  MMO Viking wants the hammer that drops from there for Beowyf’s offhand.  In non-related lotro news, the new Ironman 2 trailer is out and it is badass.  Ironman and Warmachine look awesome.  Lots of good actors in it.  I can’t wait to see it.

November 14, 2009

Annúminas questing

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Lately Beowyf has been questing in Annúminas .  A level 50 area of Evendim.  Annúminas is the initial capital of the Kingdom of Arnor in the north of Eriador, founded on 3320 of the Second Age by Elendil.  In the city the main inherited objects of Númenor are guarded, like the Sceptre of Annúminas, symbol of the real power, the Stone of Annúminas, the Elendilmir, the Barahir Ring and the fragments of Narsil. In year 10 of the Third Age, after the death of Elendil and Isildur, the smaller son of this last one, Valandil, it occupies the throne of the city. In Annúminas they govern the seven following Kings of Arnor (Eldacar, Arantar, Tarcil, Tarondor, Valandur, Elendur and Eärendur), in the most prosperous and calm years of the kingdom.  In 810, Arnor is divided in three dominions, and Amlaith, first king of Arthedain, transfers the capital to Fornost, its city of adoption. Annúminas then falls into a progressive decay. The last inhabitants leave a few centuries later, leaving it behind in ruins.  At the beginning of the Fourth Age, Aragorn, proclaimed sovereign of the Unified Kingdom, undertakes the works of reconstruction of the city, accompanied by Arwen.  The meaning `Tower of the West’ (annûn = put of the sun, west, west; minas = tower).  It now lies in ruins, and is overrun by Angmarim Invaders who are fighting the Rangers  for control of the city.

Why is Beo questing in a level 50 area as a level 60 Hunter?  To get a cool outfit of course!  MMO Viking wants the armor set from Annúminas bad.  The set is not a upgrade to the +10 Radiance set that Beowyf owns from Moria, it really is just all about the looks.  I feel looks are important in MMOs.  I like to stand out and not look the same as all the other players.  I have not seen many players with this set of armor.   I want to have some personality and I want my guy to look awesome!    The Viking Fellowship has completed the three instances located in Annúminas but needs to do so a couple more times for more armor pieces.  It is something to do if the fellowship is too short-handed to complete a meaningful level 60 instance but wants something to do fun.  So lately you will find Beowyf slaughtering Angmarim Invaders by the thousands looking for Arnorian armor fragments to turn into the Rangers there for the armor set reward.  This gives MMO Viking something to grind away at while waiting for friends to log in, which is a good thing!

November 13, 2009

Viking adventures!

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Aloha!  I am starting this blog as a place to share my Massive Multiplayer Online game adventuring with friends.  I have played many MMO’s including Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Everquest II, World of Warcraft, City of Villians, Champions Online and currently Lord of the Rings Online.  I played EQ the longest (approximately 7 years!)  Currently I am playing LOTRO and I’ve enjoyed it so much, I purchased the lifetime subscription.  So most posts here will be about the game. 

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