MMO Viking

January 24, 2010

Kinship Home

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MMO Viking’s campaign to have his kinship move the home from Bree to the Shire paid off.  Beowyf had to pay the 15 gold for the home but that is fine.  It was worth it!  We almost own the entire Barleywick neighborhood which is fun.  A lot of people ask me why not a dwarf neighborhood?  It basically boils down to I don’t like the screenshots there.  Plus you have to love the Shire hobbit homes with their round doors and rolling hills.  Don’t you worry though Beowyf decorated the front yard of the Noble Rage kinship home.  A huge tower from the Rangers of Esteldin faction and some pillars from the Rangers of Annuminas faction.  Then the best part, nine Dwarven Hero statues from Thorin’s Hall faction!  The yard looks awesome!  A little obnoxious, a little creepy maybe, but most definitely awesome.  It will provoke reactions.  The statues kind of look like a dwarf fellowship was attacked by a medusa, or giant yard gnomes.  Capron says they kind of look like Hitler’s Dwarf youth brigade with their arms raised like that.  The tower is the largest structure in the entire neighborhood and is definitely obnoxious.  I shall name it Beo’s Tower.

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