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March 7, 2010

Beo’s take on Final Fantasy XIII

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Beowyf has been doing many skirmishes lately and rewarded himself with the new Rift hauberk and cloak.  Beowyf also got Thorin’s bust for his house.  Thorin’s bust is expensive at 10 campaign marks and 1000+ marks but he had to have it.  Nin and Beo duo’ed the rift skirmish a few times tonight and it is fun with timing fellowship manoeuvres several times and an additional mob at the end with the boss.  Added some spice to the boring fast solo experience of it.  I’ve been reading early reviews of the new Final Fantasy coming out tuesday and it sounds too boring to try.  Apparently they went away from the open world rpg type and for the most part the story is on rails, linear all the way except for a few areas towards the end.  No thanks.   Even though I know it will look fantastic I can’t do games on rails anymore, MMO Viking demands sandbox-style, open world gameplay!  Usually I’m all for style over substance but in this case I am afraid I am going to have to pass.  I’ll try again in 3-4 years when the make the next one and heed the avalanche of complaints I see coming their way.

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