MMO Viking

December 5, 2009

Ding 65

Beowyf dinged level 65 last night with Adanther and Nindrojrir in close second at level 64.  That means the three of us out leveled Capron by thirteen levels the past week.  This makes MMO Viking sad!  C’mon cappy don’t stall out now!  After making it to the level cap I fast traveled around the various Malledhrim camps in Mirkwood trying to find my new potion recipes.  I found them at the large fort in the middle of Mirkwood.   The fort has two names.  The first is Minas Celebolf which means Minas=Tower and Celebolf=golden flower, so Tower of the golden flower.  The second name is Ost Galadh which means Ost=Fortress and Galadh=tree, so Fortress of the tree.  I’m thinking the Malledhrim renamed it Ost Galadh when they took it over recently.  This is Beowyf’s new home-base.  No more 21st hall for Beo.  Beo found the malledhrim acquaintance faction vendors here.  So I traded in the tokens and got Beo the new Malledhrim-faction Morale, Power, Fear, Wound, Disease, and Poison potions.  Beo has been making some cash from his alchemy lately.  I am really glad a switched from explorer.  Everyone always needs potions!  Also I’ve gotten the new battle scrolls recipes and the new improved bow-chant breach finder recipe.  Cool stuff.  Ost Galadh has a large crafting hall inside it, not small like the Mines of Moria 21st hall one.  And the crafting hall even has a bank inside it!  Only thing missing is an auction house in it but that’s asking too much I’m sure.  I discovered also that there is a Skirmish trainer and captain in our neighborhood of Barleywick in the Shire.  I thought that was kind of cool.  Here’s a screenshot of Beowyf the Alchemist making potions in the Tree-Fort crafting hall.

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