MMO Viking

January 28, 2015

Everquest 2 and Superbowl 49

Life is fantastic.  My beloved Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers in a quadruple miracle instant classic legendary NFC championship game to advance to the Superbowl.  Beolf the Dwarf Ranger is coming along very nicely.  I recently got him up to Level 100 Weaponsmith along with the cool cloak that comes with it.  I’ve been working on getting Far Seas Tradeskill Ferrin currency to get runes made for his gear.  Now I’m working on collection quests from the Altar of Malice expansion.  Beolf has a bunch of Green Gems to go to complete his armor set but that’s good because I enjoy having a reason to run instances.  I enjoy working towards long term goals.  Everquest knows what I love.  Working like a little hamster going on a wheel that never ends.  Superbowl XLIX this sunday!  GO HAWKS!!!


February 5, 2011

White-bearded viking

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Almost Superbowl time!  MMO Viking is rooting for Greenbay Packers this Superbowl.  I dislike the Pittsburg Steelers due to them and the referees beating the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XL.  Also due to Big-Ben’s douchbaggery with his trapping co-eds in bathrooms strategy.  In Everquest 2 news I’m using the new EQ2 iphone app that allows you to look at characters stuff and also chat with guild and any other channel while not even in-game.  Pretty cool.  I’ve used it to mess with Nindakin already.

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