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February 9, 2015

Life is full of pain and sorrow

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Well my beloved Seattle Seahawks lost Superbowl XLIX on the 1 yard line with 30 seconds left.  I am still recovering.  I give Tom Brady and the Patriots credit, they won the game.  1 yard from being back to back Superbowl Champions is tough though.  The bright side is the Seahawks crushed the Broncos in last year’s Superbowl and have a very young team so should be good for awhile.   In Everquest 2 news, Beolf the Ranger dwarf is a few pieces away from a full set of 4/4 green gem gear.  I believe he needs 10 more green gems that cost 200 Ferrin each.  Today I’ve been harvesting roots to try to get rare Hiven Roots so I can have the best poison made for Beolf to use against his many enemies.

October 24, 2014

Back to Everquest 2! AGAIN!!!

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Well I tried quite a few MMOs to satisfy my itch.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Wildstar,  Archeage, Champions Online…  None of them worked.  So I’m back baby!  This time I’m dragging my son into playing with me and starting from level 1 with a class I’ve never played before.  Beovaldr the Dwarf Ranger.  Beo Jr is playing his favorite Everquest race and class an Iksar Necromancer named Zerack.  When he first played Everquest 1 as a young lad he chose this combo and messed around in the Field of Bone.  So I think it’s cool he is keeping up his tradition.  Currently we are level 26 and we just beat The Fallen Gate and this screenshot is us victorious at the bottom of the dungeon in The Vault of The Fallen.  Huzzah!!

April 2, 2013

Underwater adventures

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I have to say the underwater areas in Guild Wars 2 are pretty awesome.  So what if my chainmail clad viking would sink like a rock to the bottom if this was realistic at all.  The graphics look great underwater with alternating sun rays and bubbles and sharks and frogmen swimming around.  I realized one thing that I am really enjoying over Everquest 2.  It’s being able to move mobs around during combat.  Not just training them backwards either.  In GW2 I can kick mobs back, I can rifle butt them back, I can do a fearsome warrior shout that sends them running, or my favorite I can do a huge stomp that sends them all flying.  Basically the combat is a blast.  Olfr is level 36 now and I’ve been playing with a couple co-workers.  One is a Norn Ranger aka Beastlord which I approve.  The other is a human Necromancer.  Olfr Smash !!

November 30, 2009

Beowyf the Ranger

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Three more days until Siege of Mirkwood expansion.  I am excited for it but the downside is my little side project of obtaining a full set of Annuminas armor will have to be on hold once it hits.  Everyone will be too busy enjoying the new skirmishes and leveling up, including me.  All I have left to get for the set is the Helm and Shoulders.  The helm is easy it can be done by three of the Viking Fellowship.  But the shoulders are obtained from the Gardens in Ost Elendil and that place requires a full fellowship of six to turn the water wheels to open the gates.  The armor looks much better with the shoulders.  MMO Viking needs those shoulders!  I need my precioussss.  I have a plan though.  I am going to bribe my friends.  I will offer each person of the fellowship one gold piece to knock it out someday and to not roll on the shoulders against me.  Even Nindrojrir who doesn’t even want the armor and hasn’t been rolling on them.  I figure if I get Nin on my side he will help me pester the rest to go in on the deal!  It is always good to get Nin on my side with any nefarious plans.  We are an unstoppable force together.  It’s kind of like Odin and Loki joining forces.  Once I have the full set Beowyf will be able to switch back and forth from the gold and navy Dwarven Lord outfit and the green and brown Dwarven Ranger outfit.  Or as I like to think of it as Young Beo the Ranger and Old Beo the Viking-lord. 

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