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March 28, 2010

The Paladin

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Redranth is back in Everquest.  The original Paladin is back in Norrath but this time instead of being a boring human he is a Faerie.  Fae in EQ2 can glide and have featherfall which is fun.  My first go round in EQ2 on Beowolv the Berserker I had a Cloak of Flowing Water that had featherfall and I loved it.  I would jump off the tallest mountain and float down, good times!  Specially when I did it leaving Nindakin back at the top of the mountain having to walk slowly back down through angry mobs.  Redranth is still on his trial account so he might change his mind on race if Nin teases him about being a fairy too much.  I would recommend a Kerran Paladin if he does because I think the cat race Kerrans look cool in EQ2.  In other news MMO Viking checked out the EQ2 Guild Halls which are giganormous.  They are more like Guild Castles.  Unlike guild halls in LOTRO the guild halls in Everquest 2 can contain wizard spires, druid rings, ships, teleporters, trainers, merchants and all kinds of stuff that are actually more than decoration.  The single biggest difference between EQ2 housing and LOTRO’s is you can place items anywhere.  In LOTRO you are limited to pre-set spots.  So in EQ2 you will see custom-built aquariums built from wood walls and furniture, glass, waterfalls etc… The customization is almost limitless.  The one part I liked about the guild halls in Lord of the Rings Online better was the neighborhoods.  In EQ2 the guild hall is a castle located on an island that you can see either off the shore from Antonica (good) or off the shore from Commonlands (evil).  So basically it seems the lore in EQ2 is saying there is 1 evil guild and 1 good guild.

December 14, 2009

The Lore-master

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Canum is the viking fellowship’s Lore-master.  Lore-masters are a pet class that do debuffs and can give members of the fellowship power when needed.  Which is a lot with Redranth!  I’ve known Canum a long time since our Noble Rage days playing Everquest.  He was our second best wizard in the guild behind Nindakin.  Nin took him under his wing and taught him the ways of doing crazy huge redonkulus nukes in EQ.  Anyway Canum provides us with a lot of jokes at his expense because he is playing a female character.  This is called being a Shim.  People that play shims have many excuses.  One is they would rather look at a girl’s ass all day in 3rd person then a dudes.  Another is that guys playing MMOs will treat them nicer and maybe even give them free stuff because they think they are an actual girl.   MMO Viking thinks any reason is inexcusable!  If you are a dude in real life, don’t play a girl on your MMO!  Not cool!  Only women playing MMOs should play women characters.  You might think Beo has been burned in the past by a shim.  This is incorrect.  Beo does his research before giving away free stuff and chatting up women in MMOs.  Anyway Canum is an easy target for jokes in the fellowship, with guys saying they are checking out his rack and etc.  Canum, Borthos and Adanther all know each other in real life which is cool.  Ada is Canum’s cousin and Borthos is Canum’s best friend / roommate.  Scionof, who I haven’t introduced yet is Canum’s real life father.  This is all very cool.  I actually started playing LOTRO because my brother Hask wanted me to play with him.  He doesn’t play nearly as much as I do but we have fun when I do catch him online.  Hask and I both have lifetime subscriptions to lotro so I am sure we will be playing this in 10 years still off and on.  Congrats Canum on hitting level 64 today, 1 more to go!

December 11, 2009

Sword Hall of Dol Guldur

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The Viking Fellowship put the smack down on the Sword Hall of Dol Guldur in Mirkwood on hardmode last night.  It was awesome.  Redranth tanked, Nindrojrir healed and DPS’ed when able, and Beowyf DPS’ed like crazy the whole time.  Hardmode means you must take on all 3 bosses at once and beat them within I think 20 minutes or a bunch of additional mobs come and make things very difficult.  It might of been the coolest thing we have accomplished in lotro so far.  Very satisfying.  Red and Beo both got the +25 rad helms from Dol Guldur token turn ins.  Redranth made level 65 yesterday too, congrats Red.  Next on our list is the new 6-man dungeon that we haven’t tried yet.  It’s hard for us to get Adanther, Borthos and expecially Canum all on at the same time as us.  So we will probably recruit 1 or 2 members of the Kinship when we try it.  In other news Red and Beo both have thier Archer soldiers at tier 19 working on 20.  It might be a race to max them out.  Beowyf’s soldier is Beobo, Beowyf’s mother’s brother.  Nindrojrir is Beowyf’s son.  So Beobo is Nindrojrir’s great uncle.  Redranth’s soldier is Neecrol named after an old EQ / WoW playing buddy.  I think Neecrol is still playing World of Warcraft, it’s a shame.  Nindrojrir’s soldier is a herbalist named Smartbeo.  I think he might be related to Beowyf in some manner too.  MMO Viking is going to insist Nin refer to Beobo as Uncle Beobo. 

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