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November 18, 2009

The Rune-keeper

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The next Viking Fellowship member is Borthos the Elf Rune-keeper.  Borthos goes way back with MMO Viking to his old EQ days.  Back then he was known as Nanelil the Enchanter.  We all shared many adventures in Norrath in our guild Noble Rage beating the Planes of Power and Quarm.  In our Fellowship Borthos plays the pure DPS role along with Beowyf.  Every once in a great while he might be needed to heal the 2nd Tank in the group if Nindrojrir needs help, which isn’t often.  We usually pick on the fact that he is a elf but he could only pick between Dwarf and Elf to play a RK and he didn’t want to completely copy Nin.  So I suppose it is a good thing.  MMO Viking wishes that lotro had more options on the physical appearance of characters.  More beards, more ‘staches, more piercings, etc.  Variety is good!  I think Borthos’s rune looks like a toddler sized basketball.  A glowing, on fire, with magic runes flying off it, toddler basketball.  Nindrojrir’s Rectange-shaped rune looks better MMO Viking believes.  Is there more shapes?  A rubik cube Runestone perhaps?  Now that would be awesome!

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