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December 27, 2009

Legendary Items

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I am currently using a level 65 third age bow from Siege of Mirkwood.  It had about 12 more DPS then my level 60 2nd age bow from Moria.  I’m also leveling up 3 level 65 crossbows.  I’m hoping one of them has better legacies then the bow because I want to try out a crossbow for awhile.  I want to switch to a spear for my melee LI weapon just because I like the looks of them.  Capron is around level 55ish and Afastr is around 45ish last I looked.  They need to hurry up and get to level 62ish so they can do Sword Halls, Warg Pens and Sammuth Gul with the rest of the Fellowship!  I added more funny stuff from Capron in the lotro funnies section.  Check it out!

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