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January 28, 2010

Beo’s Top 7 Middle Earth Regions

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MMO Viking takes into consideration many factors determining his favorite regions.  Most likely in this order:  Scenery, lore, then quests.

7.  Lothlórien –  The golden wood is terrific for screenshots with its yellow leaves and fall colors year round.   Lothlórien itself looks fantastic with its elf tree forts and you get to meet Galadriel and Celeborn.  You also get to see the Fellowship resting after escaping from the Mines of Moria.   You can see some of my screenshots of the fellowship here.  On the quest side some of it sucks with the elves sending you on errands to pick flowers for faction.

6.  Ered Luin – The starter area for dwarves and elves has a nice balance of snowy mountain ranges to the north and elven woods to the south.  The region is very well done, Thorin’s Gate and Duillond look fantastic.  The quests are enjoyable and its an all around great region.

5.  Trollshaws – This region has a lot of Middle Earth lore.  Bilbo’s Trolls, The Ford of Bruinen, Rivendell and The Last Homely House.  Rivendell is very nice for screenshots.  You can find Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and Frodo in the House of Elrond.  I enjoyed the quests in Trollshaws, even Gollum appears in one of them.  Myyy PRECIOUSSS.

4.  Evendim –  Sometimes called Everswim before they added the boat across, Evendim contains one of my favorite quest areas the ancient abandoned city of Annúminas.  Another great looking region with Lake Evendim and its evergreen forests.  One of the only regions where Beowyf has done each and every quest offered.

3.  Forochel – The northern uttermost edge of civilized Middle Earth, snowbound and icy.  MMO Viking loves screenshots in this region it’s very Nordic-looking.  I read somewhere that Tolkien based Forochel off Finland so a lot of the NPC names are in Finnish.  This is Nindrojrir’s favorite zone.  I might have it higher but I hated questing there due to the long travel distances.

2.  Thorin’s Hall – The dwarf starter city in lotro.  Large and fantastic looking and hey I had to rate it high, its dwarves and dwarves rock!

1.  The Shire – First off the Shire in Lord of the Rings Online is the most accurate to Tolkiens vision due to the detailed maps Tolkien had.  So that is awesome.  Then it just looks the best with its rolling green hills and hobbit homes.  For lore you have Bag motherlovin End!  Bilbo and Frodo Baggin’s home Bag End where The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring start.  The Shire also has the best housing area in the game in my humble opinion!

January 24, 2010

Kinship Home

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MMO Viking’s campaign to have his kinship move the home from Bree to the Shire paid off.  Beowyf had to pay the 15 gold for the home but that is fine.  It was worth it!  We almost own the entire Barleywick neighborhood which is fun.  A lot of people ask me why not a dwarf neighborhood?  It basically boils down to I don’t like the screenshots there.  Plus you have to love the Shire hobbit homes with their round doors and rolling hills.  Don’t you worry though Beowyf decorated the front yard of the Noble Rage kinship home.  A huge tower from the Rangers of Esteldin faction and some pillars from the Rangers of Annuminas faction.  Then the best part, nine Dwarven Hero statues from Thorin’s Hall faction!  The yard looks awesome!  A little obnoxious, a little creepy maybe, but most definitely awesome.  It will provoke reactions.  The statues kind of look like a dwarf fellowship was attacked by a medusa, or giant yard gnomes.  Capron says they kind of look like Hitler’s Dwarf youth brigade with their arms raised like that.  The tower is the largest structure in the entire neighborhood and is definitely obnoxious.  I shall name it Beo’s Tower.

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