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March 7, 2012

Level 30 Guild!

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Viking Fellowship reached the milestone of Level 30 guild tonight.  We now have a guild hall and five amenities.  The five amenities we purchased were the guild bind statue, druid, wizard, travel globe and broker.  At guild level 35 we earn two more spots.  Now it’s time to get decorating!

February 29, 2012

Beodin Strike!

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MMO Viking’s guild “Viking Fellowship” hit level 24 tonight.  Pretty good for only being 2 weeks old and having only 3 active guild members.  We have been knocking out writs and conducting 3-man raids of Veeshan’s Peak to earn status.  Level 30 guild is the current goal so we can buy ourselves a guild hall with 5 ammenities.  It’s good having another goal to strive for in the game to keep me interested.  Reddranth says he will join the three of us after we get the guild hall up and running.  He can’t go back to being hardcore and needs his easy guild hall transportation options.  I must admit I miss them, but it won’t be too much longer…

February 17, 2012

The Guild

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MMO Viking and his group of friends weren’t getting much out of our old guilds.  Mostly due to small amount of guild members online and the ones that were online weren’t able to really help us in a group.  So we decided to form our own small guild with just us.  Viking Fellowship the Everquest 2 guild on Butcherblock server is where you can find us and all are welcome to join.  We formed on 14 February 2012 and tonight 17 February 2012 we are a Level 14 guild.  Level 30 is required for a guildhall and that is the goal at the moment.  I am enjoying having something else to work towards considering Beodin the Beastlord is max level and max alternate advancement points.

June 29, 2010

More shards!

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Beoromir is coming along nicely now.  Recently got him his Epic weapon Havoc with help from a lot of people.  Specially Nin and Red having to slaughter approximately 500 Sarnaks for the damn thing.  Also Beo has 3 pieces of Tier 2 Brigand shard armor and a couple nice mythical items.  Level 81 with 151 alternate advancement points.  We had a very nice shard run today hitting like 5 dungeons including lower guk, which was a first for me.  The super group consisted of Gaealiege, Zalamar, Clara, Red, Nin and Beo.  So I’m pretty sure the classes are Shaman, Wizard, Bard, Paladin, Cleric, and Brigand.  Zal, Gaea and Clara are all level 90’s with excellent gear and aa’s so a lot of the times we are coasting but some of the boss fights still get pretty hairy.  I see Beo’s DPS improving the more aa’s he earns and the better gear he gets.  Beo is still kind of poor and needs a ton of master spells yet.  But that’s fine just another thing to play for.  Mahalo to the super group for the fun tonight.  I need to come up with a better nickname for the super group.  Nin, Red and Beo = the Viking Fellowship but us + the superpowers = something else.  Nindakin be creative and come up with something for once you miserable little brownie!

Viking attack

December 18, 2009

Sammath Gul

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The Viking Fellowship finally all got together for the six-man instance in Dol Guldur.  Very rare occurrence lately to get all 6 members of the fellowship of the same level range playing at the same time.  The only one not level 65 was Canum.  O the shame!  Canum is currently level 64, slacker.  This was our first time attempting it and we made it past the first two bosses before Canum’s bedtime of I think he said 10:30 pm.  10:30 on a friday night?  Cmon!!  You’re killing us man.  We all blamed it on Capron though for not being level 65 yet.  Capron is level 51 at the moment running around deep in the Mines of Moria complaining about the Y axis.  One funny thing in Sammath Gul is bone piles.  If you step on a bone pile it will spawn a ghost that summons skeletons.  This always leads to “argh!  who stepped in the pile?!”  Usually Canum but I think Borthos and Red admitted to 1 each.  I’m thinking next time we go I run Beowyf over 6 piles at once and then run them to the group.  First I’d get Nindrojrir in tells to offer me a little silver.  Nin is always down for cruel jokes!  Beating bosses for the first time is always fun times.  I’m looking forward to going again and beating the whole thing.

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