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February 1, 2011

White Knight

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So while adventuring with Nindakin and Neecrol, Beobo happened upon a sweet white viking helmet.  Naturally I had to base his entire look on it.  Also tonight while adventuring with the crew in the Hate raid zone I got this sweet shiny white and gold Fabled shield to match Beobo’s armor.  It’s funny how excited I can get for playing a character if I really like the way he looks.  Beobo is sporting a long white beard that you cannot see in this screenshot.  Maybe next post you will see it’s magnificence.

July 9, 2010

Leveling to 90

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The Viking Fellowship has decided it has enough aa points now and that it’s time to level to 90.  Beoromir is currently Level 84 with 175 alternate advancement points.  Beoromir is also currently at Level 71 Carpenter.  The Fellowship and the Olympians spent some time in The Hole the other day.  Beo has several level 90 items banked from that.  Beoromir’s Stronghold is pretty much finished except he needs items from city and holiday festivals to really complete it.  A lot of the floor tiles and walls come from the different festivals.  It’s hot outside!  MMO Viking prefers cold to hot, unless at the beach.

Beoromir and his girl Firiona Vie

June 17, 2010

Obelisk of Ahkzul

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Wolf guild had another fun shard adventure tonight doing the Obelisk of Ahkzul instance.  The void pit boss was fun bouncing around trying to catch the void balls from reaching him.  If too many reach him he does a massive area effect attack on the group.  The final boss room had a great view.  Check it out.  This is Beo and Nin in our christian rock band album cover, or maybe its a swedish death metal band since Beo is a viking.

June 11, 2010


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Viking explorers Nindakin and Beoromir dungeon crawled Sebalis tonight bringing back feelings of nostalgia for MMO Viking from his Old Seb EQ1 days.  All the undead frogloks and iksar and clay golems.  We had bad luck with the ornate chests only getting 2 of about 8 and the two we did get had the wrong type of armor (cloth and plate).  Beo needs some chainmail by Odin!  But Beo did make another adventurer level which is always good.  The plan is to get to Level 81 and then switch to alternate advancement point leveling.  That way we aren’t Level 90 and overwhelmed by the content at that level.  Beo needs to work on his tradeskilling, currently at Level 45 carpenter, 45 levels to go!  ARGH!

Seb !

June 8, 2010

Back from forced break

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Sorry for the lack of posts my loyal fans!  My monster computer broke and I had to send it in for repairs.  I blame Nindakin.  It was all his master plan to out level and out status Beoromir in Everquest 2.  But the dark ages are over.  Beo is back!  Beo has a new look which is kind of like his old look from EQ1.  I even got a white wolf “puppy” just like the white warder Beo had in EQ1, well except it can’t attack.   Barbarians don’t wear shirts.  Beo has to be able to show off the gun-show or as he calls it his “Thunder and Lightning”.  Whatcha goin’ do brother when Beo-hulk comes down on you?!  Beo heard a lot of  “Beo put a shirt on!” and “aww cmon!” in Everquest 1 but he ignored all pleas to cover up his barbarian manly-ness.  I’m very excited to be back playing, I was going through MMO withdrawls.  It’s a sickness!  MMO Viking is down with the sickness and doesn’t want cured ever.  In other news Nindakin seems to have a fan-club within the guild since I was gone which is very amusing.  Can’t they see his inherent evil-ness?  Well all you Beo-maniacs out there eat your vitamins and live right.  Tune in for more posts soon!  BEOSMASH!!!

November 30, 2009

Beowyf the Ranger

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Three more days until Siege of Mirkwood expansion.  I am excited for it but the downside is my little side project of obtaining a full set of Annuminas armor will have to be on hold once it hits.  Everyone will be too busy enjoying the new skirmishes and leveling up, including me.  All I have left to get for the set is the Helm and Shoulders.  The helm is easy it can be done by three of the Viking Fellowship.  But the shoulders are obtained from the Gardens in Ost Elendil and that place requires a full fellowship of six to turn the water wheels to open the gates.  The armor looks much better with the shoulders.  MMO Viking needs those shoulders!  I need my precioussss.  I have a plan though.  I am going to bribe my friends.  I will offer each person of the fellowship one gold piece to knock it out someday and to not roll on the shoulders against me.  Even Nindrojrir who doesn’t even want the armor and hasn’t been rolling on them.  I figure if I get Nin on my side he will help me pester the rest to go in on the deal!  It is always good to get Nin on my side with any nefarious plans.  We are an unstoppable force together.  It’s kind of like Odin and Loki joining forces.  Once I have the full set Beowyf will be able to switch back and forth from the gold and navy Dwarven Lord outfit and the green and brown Dwarven Ranger outfit.  Or as I like to think of it as Young Beo the Ranger and Old Beo the Viking-lord. 

November 14, 2009

The Hunter

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I’d like to introduce the Viking Fellowship members first.  Let me begin with myself.  MMO Viking plays Beowyf Foamfollower a Dwarven Hunter.  He is the damage dealer.  Beo mostly attacks from a distance with his bow but is not afraid to go toe to toe with giants, orcs and dragons.  Most Middle Earth Hunters are Elves and Men.  Now Dwarves are very Norse and therefore very awesome.  There is no way MMO Viking is going to play a sissy elf, I don’t care if they get a 5% bonus damage while using bows!  Dwarves are more hearty and get dwarf endurance to take more beatings!  In a past life I played Beowolv Foamfollower the Barbarian Beastlord with his trusty white-wulf “Puppy”.  That was another lifetime I’ll talk of that later.  Anyway Beowyf the Dwarf is the DPS (Damage-Per-Second) of the Fellowship but often times ends up being the Tank when the Fellowship’s Tank is not online (which is alot!)  Beowyf can fast travel the Viking Fellowship to many locations in Middle Earth as a Hunter, often times being called the derogatory name of “taxi”  by Fellowship members that wish to get a rise out of him.  Beowyf can also provide crowd control of a group of enemies with his Rain of Thorns arrow attack, rooting multiple enemies in place.  Beowyf can on occasion (ok it might happen alot)  go suddenly AFK (away from keyboard)  without warning to the fellowship.  The results can be bad.  An example would be The Fellowship throws a spear at a group of enemies resulting in, let us say ten enemies attacking.  Slowly one by one the fellowship members are defeated and someone notices Beowyf is standing staring at a dungeon wall doing nothing.  This is sometimes called “pulling a Beo”.  That’s it for now on Beowyf the Dwarf Hunter.  I hope it has proved enlightening.

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